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Gnote Integration, Alternative Activities and Applications Menu!

Gnome Shell extensions can work for the user as little system functionality expanders, or for the developers as user need coverage indicators. We have analyzed the importancy of GS extensions countless times on this blog, so I will skip it this time and go straight into showing you three cool new extensions that were released during the last week.

Gnote/Tomboy Integration

This is an extension that provides a way to view and manage your Gnote task entries straight from the top panel. You can type-search your notes to read them, pin them on the desktop, or completely remove them. There is no need to use the actual Gnote application unless you want to write a new note.


Pressing the extension button on the panel will bring up an animated window that contains your notes. Top for search, click to read and choose options from bottom right.


A note about “using links in Gnote” pinned on the desktop. This could be very useful in various cases


Tomboy is also supported as shown in the above screen. The settings you can tweak are many for this extension!

  Get Gnote integration

Alternative Activities

This extension aims to provide a more “useful” activities button. For this reason, first of all it replaces the word activities with the number of whatever workspace you are on. Secondly it provides a functions menu by right clicking it.


So, I can see that I am at workspace 2, I have Chrome and Firefox running in workspace 1 and I can restart running extensions, view disabled and enable them and access the tweak tool.

  Get Alternative activities

Luna Apps Menu

This is an extension that brings back categories to your applications menu, but on the top panel and inside a smaller pop-up window. The apps are navigable (you can go back n forth through categories), but you can’t type-search and find what you need like you do in the normal application overview mode. Other than that, it is cool for those who need it…


Inside the second tab of the “Games” category 

  Get Luna Apps Menu

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  • Eduard Gotwig

    I just want to note that we have the official “Notes” application, no need for gnote. It original name was bijiben :X too sad there are no extension for “notes”? :(

    Also, I am under GNOME 3.11.2 and have no idea how to use extensions, can you help?

    I tried to clone from repo, than compile glib schema, no luck.. I also activated in dconf ;>?