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GNOOGLE by Debarshi Ray ;)

Debershi Ray is the guy that maintains GOA (GNOME Online Accounts), but he does a lot more, like Music, the amazing Terminal Search Provider and lots lots more.

GNOOGLE stands for GNOME+Google, and this is what I recently found. If you check on Google’s GNOME Online Account you will see Ray’s email address!


Don’t know how to change Greek there!

This is happening because they (Fedora/GNOME Upstream) use Ray’s Google API keys from Google’s Console. Pretty weird I must say, so I asked Ray about that.

Debarshi Ray

Yes, the default API keys shipped with GOA for Google are owned by me, which is why you can see my Google ID in the embedded web view. It is not ideal. We would like to have these keys be somehow owned by the GNOME Foundation.

Having said that, distributions can easily replace these keys with one of their own at compile time.

I think many people would had the same question, and of course the above may, or may not apply to your distro!

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