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Gnome’s Brightness and Lock latest Design

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Be alert! These features haven’t even uploaded yet in Gnome Live for further discussion and things might get changed. Gnome’s 360  UI (User Interface)  freezes in August 20, so we can’t be sure till then how things will definitely be. But the bellow image seems pretty much completed.

Brightness and Lock in Gnome 340

The Upcoming Brightness and Lock in Gnome 360

What’s new? A nice scroll bar to control the screen brightness and a dim option! Dim features a power saver mode on  screens by changing the colors balance.  And of course show notifications on screen lock is HERE!

And if you don’t know what Screen Lock is, check this out. By the way screen lock will be included in Gnome 360 if there aren’t any surprises!

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  • David Cornejo

     I think the switches must be in the right side.