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Gnomecraft | GNOME Software App for Fedora 20?!

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Because programming is a craft and not a science, thus the term Gnomecraft!

Note that “GNOME Software App for Fedora 20” equals “GNOME Software App for GNOME 3.10”.

Go Go Carlos!

In economy is insignificant how many companies are shutting down or bankrupt. Economy success is depending on how many companies are starting up. Similar, to a community software ecosystem as GNOME, it is insignificant how many contributors are quitting. What is important is the number of new contributors.

There are many new people that are involved to GNOME this year (specially through GSoC with 32 contributors/projects), but I want to spend a little bit time on Carlos Soriano and Giovanni Campagna.

Giovanni was involved with GNOME about 1,5 years ago. His first big project was the Screen and Pin Lock for GSoC 2012 a year ago. Pin Lock hasn’t yet arrived in GNOME, but since then, Giovanni has become one of the major Gnome-Shell (actually he does much more than Shell right now) Devs, and has influenced the project in a large degree. It is worth to mention that Giovanni is “just a student”.

Carlos seems to follow the same pattern. He contributes in GNOME for a less than a year(?), and his first big project is the revisited Apps Picker for GNOME Shell, which is kinda really big :)

Bellow video demonstrates the first results of his work -just a month work!

Trip Hop has become popular ..or it is just me? ;)

This is work in progress, is likely(?) to arrive for 3.10 and is part of Google Summer of Code. Carlos mentor is Florian Mullner.

Go Carlos!

GNOME Software for Fedora 20/GNOME 3.10

Richard Hughes is a guy that doesn’t need any introduction. So I’ll jump right to the point.


That is a mockup with the mystic name Angela (Avery) – who is she? ;)

From his blog post -that you should check for details.

If everything goes to plan, in Fedora 20 we’ll have a shiny new software center called gnome-software that will use the hawkey backend on Fedora to perform like a modern software store. No “waiting for locks“. No “downloading metadata” at inopportune times. With the new backend we can make the user experience of the new UI an order of magnitude better than the old tools.

Old tools = Packagekit UI.


This update includes 7 packages. Software groups updates in a semantic way. You can see all packages, by pressing “More” button

GNOME Software isn’t usable right now, it will use Hawkey (under Fedora) and you can preview it from Git.

There is also this kinda old interview with Richard about Software App.

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  • Viorel-Cătălin Răpițeanu

    I’m quite interested to see how ‘Gnome Software’ will work for other distributions… Hope they do this right.

    On the first topic: Carlos you rock! I can’t wait to see the final version of the App Picker.

    Kudos guys!

    • alex285

      Very interesting question how this will work with other tools, since in his blog says “I’ve been contributing patches like crazy to the hawkey project making sure all the pieces are in place.”

      • Michael Heyns

        I always though Gnome Software App would make use of package kit.

        • Marco Scannadinari

          yeah i tried packagekit on arch which worked fine, so gnome-software probably uses that, somehow making use of each distro’s package manager (pacman)

    • Pecisk

      Gnome Software uses PackageKit, which has all most popular backends (not sure how good they working, but they are there), so it’s general GNOME software. Of course it will be first heavily tested in Fedora 20, but probably in spring cycle it will be included in GNOME mainstream.

    • Carlos Soriano Sánchez

      Thanks! =)

      The Software app will work with any backend, that is apt-get, yum, etc etc. Richard worked hard to do it a reality, so every distribution can work with that app with a really little work. (a BIG difference with Ubuntu software center, and all other software centers). Also, if you wonder what happens if some distribution doesn’t provide some thing that the software app use, don’t worry, the app is prepared for that, and simply the app will not use that information and won’t be displayed (i.e. ratings, comments, etc). All of this info well explained in this post

      Also, the hawkey work I guess is because Richard works/use fedora/red hat, and he wants to implement a good yum replacement for this distribution and make a good backend to be the best for Software app and provide all the features the Software app wants (no waiting for locks, good updating behaviour, etc etc that yum can’t.)

      • Viorel-Cătălin Răpițeanu

        Thanks a lot for clarifying the situation for me. I’m relieved to hear that will work fine with pacman!
        Thanks again!

      • foobaro

        He actually is only payed for REL-stuff, so he develops the software center in his free time.

        • Carlos Soriano Sánchez

          (I really don’t know for sure) But RHEL is using gnome as primary DE, that’s why most of core developers are hired by RH, so I guess he can work to hawkey as a replacement for yum as a only fedora/RHEL backend and RHEL stuff, but also for the Software app to have a good software app for RHEL no?

  • Dread Knight

    Gnome Software looks nice. I guess the search box should be on the same row with the tabs ^^

  • Arnaud

    Good work all that ! :)

  • Carlos Soriano Sánchez

    Thanks Alex for the post!

    One correction about Giovanni, he did all the lock screen, the only thing that is not ready is the pin lock, but all the other things were already done by him!

    So I really think his work is lot bigger than mine, and currently he knows a lot of things about how gnome works internally that I currently don’t know, so he’s a genius!

    Also, I’m very excited with the software app, REALLY excited, since I always had problems convincing friends to install fedora/gnome, since they don’t know how to install apps and codecs, and it is a really handicap for gnome and unexperienced users. So, since probably we will have that for gnome 3.10 (help to Richard huges is very welcome!), and all distros will be able to work with this app (with no lot of work, since it will work with any backend, apt-get, yum, etc), 3.10 will be really awesome!

    Really thanks for encouraging me with my work with this post!

    • alex285

      Thanks about Gio info!
      I am sure you’ll do great with your work ..and continue after it ;)

    • Omar Samuels

      Big-ups to you and Giovanni. Your contributions are really relevant. I’ve been taken back by your work lately Sanchez. The app Picker stuff is a really neat, mild yet exciting experience all gnome users can appreciate. Keep it up man.

      • Carlos Soriano Sánchez


  • bwat47

    Can’t wait, looks nice.

    It could not some soon enough. The current gnome-package kit front end is just awful. Not only is its UI poor, its also one of the buggiest pieces of software I’ve ever used. There is just nothing intuitive at all in the current gnome packagekit front end, it seems alpha quality at best, and its been neglected for a long time. I really, really hope this new “software” front end is a lot better. From the screenshots it looks very promising, props to the developers, I am anticipating trying it out in fedora 20 :)