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GNOMEbuntu is set to arrive in October, 18!

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This is the story. In Ubuntu Developer Summit in May some discussions are made towards the need of a Gnome spin. In August 13, Jeremy Bicha posted on Gnome ML’s about looking a name for the new Ubuntu derivative.

After that I had no news till Stinger gave us a thread in Ubuntu Forums.  On there, Jeremy talks about working on an Alpha version! So I contact him and he verified that GNOMEbuntu will be released together with Ubuntu 12.10!

This thread is kinda large (6 pages), but it is worth to read it. Some noticeable info from Jeremy:

  • Ubuntu One isn’t included at the moment. Its UI is a bit crazy and it depends on QT libraries which takes up extra space.
  • Unity won’t be included
  • Compiz is included, because GNOME Classic is currently included (with the indicators by the way because it makes the session far more useful by default)
  • It’s currently using Rhythmbox and I don’t see a problem with including various music stores.
  • I’m not sure whether it’ll use Ubuntu’s Software Center & Updater (update-manager) or gnome-packagekit (which will be called “Software” in the next release).
  • As has been stated since May, we’re going to try shipping Epiphany & Abiword instead of Firefox & LibreOffice. “Documents” will not be included as it currently depends on LibreOffice.
  • We’re even working to split out several customized Ubuntu settings to allow for a purer GNOME experience for those that want it.
  • Although splitting gnome-control-center and ubuntu-control-center was a goal for this release, no one has stepped up to do it yet.
  • As always, anyone can install other apps that they like after installing GNOMEbuntu.

Jeremy also says:

The Nautilus fork for Ubuntu doesn’t exist yet. You could even say it’s a rumor. On the other hand, the rumor did start from the Canonical Desktop Team Tech Lead. But then again, Feature Freeze is this week so it would need a Feature Freeze Exception.
If a split were to happen, GNOMEbuntu would obviously stick to the upstream Nautilus“.

In general, Jeremy will try to keep it as much upstream as possible and this is great, specially for the Gnome Foundation because will get more feedback and bug reporting. Gnome Display Manager (GDM) and Gnome Shell will be obviously included!

Right now we cannot try it, but Jeremy will soon release an Alpha version for testing. Ooh and GNOMEbuntu is not the final name.

Everyone is happy with that move. Canonical/Ubuntu will restore the good relationships with Gnome communities, Gnome fans will get an extra option, Ubuntu fans will get a pure Gnome, Gnome Foundation will get a quality feedback and healthy competition among Gnome Distros will be increased.

I wish these guys good luck with it!

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  • Adonis K. (Varemenos)

    Excellent cant wait for a vanilla-flavored-Gnome/Ubuntu combo

    ps the “” link isn’t working properly (it actually is inside the image’s anchor so it triggers the lightbox)

    • alex285


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  • Khurshid Alam

    How can I get involved in this? I didn’t find any mailing-list on their launchpad page.

    • alex285

      Join Team button?

  • jsnj

    “Ooh and GNOMEbuntu is not the final name.”

    I haven’t heard a valid explanation why Gubuntu shouldn’t be used. Goobuntu is internal to Google and is not a distro available for use. I don’t see a conflict or potential for confusion. It’s not like Goobuntu is often spoken/written about or a common part of the linux/ubuntu vernacular.

    • alex285

      Who knows, maybe Google is planning to release Goobuntu! (jk)
      However, Gnome in “Gubuntu” is hidden.

      • jsnj

        As are Unity, KDE, XFCE, & LXDE in the other ubuntu flavors. Gubuntu is the only natural fit since all the other DEs are represented by their first letter only. Anything else is awkward and/or cumbersome.

        • Jeremy Bicha

          *cough* Ubuntu Studio *cough*

    • Bill_Toulas

      I 100% agree with you. Gubuntu is by far the best choice

      • MK

        I agree. GUBUNTU if fine cause Xub… and others.

    • Jeremiah Flerchinger

      Why not GNUbuntu? I think that is better than the other options.

      • jsnj

        Because of what GNU stands for. That definitely would be misleading. Read under the History & Development section here –> And as previously mentioned, it’s unnecessarily inconsistent with the first letter naming of the other ubuntu DE derivatives.

  • Sasan

    Great news, keep it up Jeremy! Ubuntu + upstream Gnome FTW!

  • comment

    best part: “Unity won’t be included”

  • no man’s land

    To summit up, do we need to upgrade to 12.10 or just keep using 12.04? I use 12.04 with gnome shell, I wonder what benefit there is to upgrade? As I suspect that 12.04 will get the 3.4 and 3.6… Am I right?

  • RambJoe

    The new Gnome-shell interface is so under ratted. I love it, it is the best interface I have ever used on a PC.

    • f for fedora

      haha this blog makes me laugh so bad

      …and alex i want even more goofs

      • alex285 this good or sarcastic? :)

        • f for faildora

          Well, since you make me laugh, it’s certainly good!

          just keep goofing GNOME mascot!

          • Bill_Toulas

            Since you keep on coming here and also commenting, it’s certainly good for us too :)

          • f for fedora

            i support you guys

            you have a sense of humor

            this site is really funny!

          • LorgnocOspYe

            I pity you. Poor nick-changing no life.

          • faildora shitty miracle


  • Michael O.

    Is Ubuntu GNOME Community going to listen the Users about the name? Because GNOMEbuntu is an awkward and ugly name. Gubuntu is the only natural fit since all the other DEs on Ubuntu are represented by their first letter only.

    • Jeremy Bicha

      This week I have read news stories about Goobuntu and this Ubuntu GNOME remix. If the remix were called Gubuntu, it would be pretty confusing to talk about this week’s Ubuntu news.

      We can’t just make decisions because a few people want us to listen to them. What does it mean to “listen to your users” when you have thousands of them and they have different opinions?

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  • pcm_man

    Thank God. I have done everything I can to go to 12.04 but I just can not get anything better than Gnome with Ubuntu 10.10

  • Michael Power

    This is good news, even though it is way late and behind the times. Linux Regal Titan ( Based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS) has been a Gnome only version since late Nov. 2011. Unity was completely purged and we’ve run Gnome Classic,Gnome (no effects) and Gnome 3. We have two versions, one with Compiz and Emerald, and one with Gnome 3 with extensions enabled. I will be looking forward to see what the guys at Ubuntu come up with though. I never really cared for Unity so it has to be better than what is available now.

  • Graham

    Unity was an appropriate name because it seems many (including myself) were united in their dislike for it.

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  • sllih

    Now the question is which pure GNOME distro to choose. I’m afraid that GNOMEbuntu team has to “reverse engineer” normal Ubuntu to make it pure GNOME. On the other side, Fedora is pure, bottom-up GNOME.

    • faildora

      “which pure GNOME distro to choose”

      Fedora is pure shit for freetards!

    • RVind

      I use Fedora 17 on all my systems at home and I am happy with it so far.

      I could live without pkg-kit, abrt, SELinux, and a whole bunch of other things, but, I am OK having them around. (In fact, I uninstalled a lot of those stupidities. SELinux is set to permissive as it is hard to get rid of! :) )

      • faildora

        otherwise, great distro

      • sllih

        Thanks for this. As DistroWatch says, “Fedora’s priorities tend to lean towards enterprise features, rather than desktop usability”. I think (and hope) that situations is better as time goes on.

  • Aventinus

    Whatever the name, if it has the ending -buntu it will suck (as a name). Looking forward to it though. :)

  • hictio

    What’s the difference between this and GNOME Shell Remix?

    • alex285

      This is planned to be an official Canonical Spin, but still community based distro, releasing same days as the official ubuntu.

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  • fedora the explorer
  • RVind

    So, this is NOT a pure GNOME 3.x based spin then, if they are going to hack everything and make GNOME 3.x look like GNOME 2.x from the Ubuntu 9.x and 10.x era. Do I understand that correctly?

  • ScionicSpectre

    It’s about time. Here’s hoping the website is designed well, at least as well as the other spins. :)

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  • jamie

    Great! Maybe I’ll return to ubuntu, once this is out.

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