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Gnome3 porting to FreeBSD!

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The FreeBSD Gnome Team is consist from:

  • Alexander Nedotsukov
  • Alexander Logvinov
  • Jeremy Messenger
  • Joe Marcus Clarke
  • Koop Mast
  • Michael Johnson


Involve with FreeBSD Gnome Project

Any questions regarding GNOME on FreeBSD should be addressed to the freebsd-gnome mailing list. All FreeBSD GNOME users, as well as those who wish to help improve and maintain GNOME on FreeBSD, should feel free to join the mailing list. You do not have to subscribe if you just want to report a problem or ask for help — just send your message to

All relevant discussion should be carried out in the mailing list, unless there is a good reason for contacting one of the developers directly.

FreeBSD is releasing version 9.1 in August 17, (in two days!) and a Gnome (3.4) release, stable or testing, will be after that.


OpenBSD 5.1 offers a Gnome 3.2.1 desktop but in fallback mode.

BSD Magazine


Maybe BSD hasn’t as many webpages as Linux has, to inform people about news, but it has a really amazing magazine, actually one of  the best magazines for an Open Software project. You can download it for free in a PDF format, but it requires a quick registration.

It is monthly, I couldn’t find on their web-page a hard copy of it, and it comes with English / Russian Editions.

Antoine Jacoutot a regular contributor to the BSD Magazine made a nice offer to Gnome via the Gnome Foundation MLs.

“As a regular contributor to the BSD Magazine I was proposed to put a half-page of advertisement free of charge in one of my articles (the ad does not need to be commercial). I was wondering if there was any interested from the Foundation to use this half-page to have some exposure”.

BSDs obviously haven’t the popularity of Linux but they maintain strong communities and run huge services. In any case will be cool if Gnome3 will make it there.

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  • Aventinus

    I always thought of the BSD users as white trollish creatures that speak only to each other. I can’t imagine how a BSD user can use a modern UI such as Gnome Shell. :-P

    • Wayne

      Meanwhile, KDE 4 works like a charm with FreeBSD.
      I like GNOME, especially version 2, but GNOME developers have heads up their asses.
      Problem with GNOME 3 are not just UI, I can live with that, but removing features from some of their utilities, like in file manager Nautilus. Now there are forks, like Nemo, Pluma, what not, you don’t see forks of Dolphin.

  • Aaron Mendo

    I hope soon to be updated in BSD GNOME-Shell for that more users can use it.

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  • Mike Manilone

    can’t wait to see it.