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GNOME Women Outreach Program is flowing well :)

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Well…Euro 2012 is not the official reason, but anyway! Let’s have a look on what is going with some of the women that got accepted and have already started working on their respective projects.


Marta Maria Casseti has been very busy the last 10 days writing developer documentation pages for Python

Taryn Fox is writing beginner’s documentation for JavaScript

Monica Kochofar is helping in the writing of developer documentation for the C programming language

Barbara Muraus is doing a great job in the design of new GNOME symbolic icons, as we saw in a previous article

Fabiana Simoes is working on a redesign for the Cheese app, but we haven’t seen any first screens or a progress report yet

Elena Petrevska is doing some web development. She finished a GNOME Live mockup today and asks for your opinion on changes and improvements so feel free to drop by her blog and see what’s up

Riko Yamada has been working on the GUPnP for the past two weeks, and from what I read on her blog she seems to like it. She already fixed a bug, and is now working on the replacement of the multi-cast socket code in gssdp with the newly available function in GLib-2.32

GNOME Women outreach program has accepted 10 women for this summer, and 5 more are accepted on projects under Google Summer of Code. This is 15 new women GNOME contributors and members of a free and open community!

Wogue will keep an eye on the work of GNOME Women, and keep the news from the “beautiful” side of GNOME coming…

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