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Gnome will join the mobile devices world!

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Gnome is the system of choice for Endless Mobile who plans to put it in more than 5 billion smartphones found in developing world countries, transforming it in a personal computer by greatly unlocking the abilities of the devices.


According to the well-known Gnome developer Cosimo Cecchi who left Red Hat since April and joined Endless Mobile, this new operating system is going to be based on Gnome so it is not yet very clear whether this new system will look anything like Gnome Shell. The context shows that GTK+ will of course be the toolkit used for the main parts of the system.

Although the team is not yet complete (apply for a position), it already consists of many interesting persons like Gnome’s board of directors member Emmanuele Bassi. Emmanuele has already been involved with Gnome to embedded devices projects in Intel and Nokia, so his contribution to the whole project is expected to be vital.

No more information about the project and technical details about the operating system itself are yet available, but we hope that soon we’ll know more about this exciting project that aims to bring Gnome in the hands of millions.
  Endless Mobile Website

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  • alex285

    Matt Dalio is the CEO of Endless

  • Emmanuele

    just to make a minor clarification. “Emmanuele has already been involved with Gnome to embedded devices projects in Intel and Nokia” — while it’s technically true that I have been involved in both intel and Nokia projects that used GNOME as part of the OS, I have never been a Nokia employee; all my work on Nokia projects was through contracting.

  • Joey Hain

    I may just have to apply for that SF software engineer position, it’s like it was made for me. I’m graduating soon and I’ve been looking for a job in SF, I love GNOME, and I’ve recently taken an interest in the Linux graphics stack.

  • Jeannie

    Give them the Gnome Shell on a phone and they will hate it cause they can’t use it. What’s the purpose of yet another mobile phone os that is even based on such a horror like GTK+3.x and Gnome 3???