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Gnome Whiteboards: Skype Message Tray Integration

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This isn’t Ready!

Following designs are tentative art, far from a completed solution. There is a good chance to change, postponed for future releases or even completely dropped. In any case you shouldn’t consider these as final!

Currently On Skype

  • It permanently shows a legacy status icon to indicate availability status and to provide access to a context menu for common actions
  • When a new message arrives, a notification is displayed using Skype’s own notification system
  • When a new message arrives a “<Contact Name> – Skype is ready” notification is also displayed using GNOME 3’s notifications. This is added to the Message Tray as a Skype icon.

Legacy tray icons do not integrate well with the GNOME 3 Message Tray, and the display of tray icons in this way does not follow the pattern used by other GNOME 3 applications. However there are some exciting news about Legacy Tray Icons. There’s ongoing work on a GtkNotification -by Cosimo- to make everybody’s life easier and I will try to post about it next.

The 3 solutions that Allan proposes:

1. Minimal Integration

  • Hide the permanent status icon
  • Disable Skype pop-up notifications by default
  • When new messages arrive, display a generic Skype notification that is added to the tray. Selecting the notification should remove the item from the tray and open the Skype window.

So basically we get just a generic notification from Skype that we have a new message, and by clicking it we open Skype Window.

2. Extended Integration

  • Hide the permanent status icon
  • Disable Skype pop-up notifications by default
  • Show a Message Tray item for each active conversation.
  • Show a notification for each new message, and update the tray item for the corresponding conversation.
  • Optional: allow in-line responses within the notifications.

In Extended Integration we have separate notifications for each message. By clicking on them we open Skype specific chat window.

3. Full Integration

This follows option two, with the addition of conversation history, contact availability, and in-line replies. The same behaviour can be observed in the integration between GNOME 3 and the Empathy chat application.

Nothing to add, similar case with Empathy’s chat. Receiving and replying to messages directly from Gnome Shell. One of the best features of Gnome 3 alongside with Workspaces!

Skype Message Tray Integration in Gnome Live!

Some Gnome Shell changes

There is a plethora of bug fixes and changes in Gnome Shell master branch, but I am just getting some of the latest.

  • In UserMenu “Unavailable” becomes “Offline” (bug ?)
  • Again in UserMenu “System Setting” renames to “System” (bug ?)
  • On text field now the pointer will be I-Beam. (bug #687130)

? I can’t find the bug right now, but I hope I remember correctly the changes :)

Also we have to give some credits to Stephane Demurget who is on killing spree in Every Detail Matters Project. Stephane has already fixed 6 bugs

…and his is working to 5 more!

By the way there is Gnome Love Project (many Every Detail Matters bugs are also Gnome Love Bugs) which is suitable for beginners to start fix some annoying bugs; if you want to involve :)


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