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Gnome Whiteboards: History Dialog in User Accounts Panel

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This isn’t Ready!

Following designs are tentative art, far from a completed solution. There is a good chance to change, postponed for future releases or even completely dropped. This is how the things look like now and in any case you shouldn’t consider these as final!

On the latest designs of the User Accounts Panel there is the addition of a history button (if I’m not wrong). In any case so far there are some more changes like the “Automatic Login” replacement by a “Password Login” On/Off Switch.

My Account

[1] Lock Panel is removed after you have unlock-ed it. History and Last Login are accessible only to the owner of the account and administrator which have access to this for all accounts.

[2] Red Stop Icon, indicates that a wrong password has been entered. A symbolic icon could be used to show that the current password has been correctly entered.

Other Account

[1] Password Login instead of Automatic Login. Setting that option “On” enables in GDM User List (if there are more than one accounts) to Login this user without requiring a password. If there is just a single account, then GDM automatically log the user in when the machine starts.

Automatic Password option was unclear how was working:  Bugs #656957, #679745.

Remotely Configured Account

[1] Password Login is hidden and name and account type are insensitive. By insensitive meaning you cannot edit them.

There are some more tentative designs if you want to see about how a new account is created, but documentation is missing. Add User Account, and Add User Account Alternative Design. Both are on Experimental Gnome Git.

Locked Down User Accounts

[1] In this case, adding and removing accounts has been disabled. So has the signed out of the domain.

[2] The Session History Dialog, that logs the log in/out times from the system.

These login user accounts are distinct from the online accounts that may be associated with a particular user.

Regardless the above designs, Gnome works towards to offer a complete Enterprise Login solution, that would have deep use in many fields, like Schools. Linux Desktop in education turns out to be quite popular, so it is very positive to make the implementation as simple as it can be.


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