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Gnome Whiteboards: gEdit port to Gnome 3 Look

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This isn’t Ready!

Following designs are tentative art, far from a completed solution. There is a good chance to change, postponed for future releases or even completely dropped. In any case you shouldn’t consider these as final!

gEdit Latest Designs

This is basically round 2 of gEdit designs for Gnome 3; The first designs was about a year ago and have been dropped. This time things seems more “stable” as gEdit shares the same design approach with Files and other new Gnome 3 Apps.

However a refresh-ed gEdit will come -if come- in version 3.10 (October, 2013),  so there is a lot of time ahead for changes :)

Design by Allan Day

I think the figure is quite explainable about what is happening. Personally as I make heavy use of gEdit, I like these changes and although I have memorized  all the currents menus, I believe the above structure gives a more clear view and an easier access to gEdit configuration and options.

Keep on mind that these are far from final and might never happen. -My lucky guess is that in 3.10 will see a new gEdit.

Before this happen is necessary for gEdit to be ported in GTKApplication [bug #674980] which is one of the big goals of Gnome in order to deliver a coherent and contextual look to the whole system. If everything goes according to schedule, gEdit port will be ready in 3.8 (March) and a fresh gEdit will arrive in Gnome 3.10 (next October).


Design by Lapo Calamandrei

Just a recently added (few hours ago) mockup for a cleaner look in Avatars in Notification Panel. I just randomly found it and attached it :)

There are many new Contributors in Gnome Design, if you want also to help you go!

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  • Michael Mistretta

    Looks very similar to Elementary OS’s ‘Scratch’ — not that it’s a bad thing.

  • Marcos V.F.

    Good Design. I just do not understand why we need 3 locations for the menus: 1. down arrow 2. Gear 3. AppMenu (GMenu).
    Besides that many software still use menu-bar (which is not the fault of Gnome).
    That is, we have 4 types of menus …
    And considering Ubuntu with globalmenu and ElementaryOS with the Gear menu button, then we have 6 types of menus for the Gnome ecosystem. Sad but true.
    Will we one day be able consistency in the Gnome ecosystem menus?

    • user

      > Will we one day be able consistency in the Gnome ecosystem menus?

      Well, I’m sure GNOME will be consistent but not sure about forks and “side-projects”.

    • Michael Mistretta

      I find it really confusing too that we have a GMenu, a Gear, and a Down Arrow (especially on Nautilus 3.6, I miss the ability to just click zoom in/out without having to access a menu for it).. I really really miss the days of Gnome2-Global-Menu, I know it was a Mac OS X rip but it really did provide a clean interface (I don’t like menus on applications and prefer global menus but I can understand why some people do not). I know some people do not like a global menu because of having multiple windows open but the GMenu suffers from the same problem.

      We need to all agree on how menus work.. everyone has their own idea and it’s starting to get downright confusing. I really wish some one would write a gnome shell extension to mimic Gnome2-Global-Menu in gnome shell (NOT drop down menus, they are impractical for applications with many options, like Gimp). Is this just not technically feasible?

      • Marcos V.F.

        All I want is a consistent desktop: Gear Menu or Down-Arrow Menu, or GMenu or Global Menu. But that is only one type of menu.

        See this, for example:

        In Nautilus 3.6, Gear Menu, there is the option of “New Tab”. GMenu now have the option to “New Window”. This kind of inconsistency is terrible. Why “new tab” in Gear Menu and “new window” in GMenu?
        We will never know …

        • Michael Mistretta

          I agree, having to hunt for actions in three separate menus is a total design failure.

          • foobar

            There actually is. Grab the black bar at the top and pull it down.

          • alex285

            plus: Super+Down, Super + Up/Left/Right :)

          • Michael Mistretta

            Right, I am aware of being able to pull the application to minimize. It’s awkward though, don’t you think??

          • alex285

            @google-554f1c049865d691972252f9696a19bc:disqus I would say it is hidden, but handy ..You can also use the arrows as I said bellow. I think Super+Up/Down don’t work in Ubuntu

  • sllih

    Maybe “Clear Highlight” option is not really needed: in Google Chrome, when I dismiss searching (the search field), highlighting is also cancelled.

  • user

    I like it a lot. It’s really nice that GNOME applications continues GNOMEfying and the whole system will get consistent look and feel / UX.

  • Philip Witte


  • Che

    The design looks quite good and simplified, but I think the consistency with other Gnome applications is a little bit missing. E.g.In Gnome-Boxes the “fullscreen” entry is found in GMenu/AppMenu, in this new design of gedit it is in the gear menu; and I personally do not see a reason for that.

  • Bastian Hougaard

    Would wish that Ctrl+T would start a new tab, just like in pretty much all browsers.

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  • Yi Sun-sin

    I see a huge problem with those designs : it doesn’t advertise at all the keyboard shorcut at all !

  • nono68200

    I like small avatars idea! :D