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This isn’t Ready!

Following designs are tentative art, far from a completed solution. There is a good chance to change, postponed for future releases or even completely dropped. In any case you shouldn’t consider these as final!


I also attached Files 3.6 for having a better view of the changes and because some people are on Files 3.4. Of course new designs are these on the left :)


Search bar on the center. The Google way or Gnome Shell way. I am big fan of large search fields and hater of buttons. Many buttons have been substitute by “links”..

More Stuff

Save button will “save” a search (not totally sure on this!). That means if you have a huge search over thousands files, next time you can just recall it and have it faster. Cached results (#325146) is bug that was filed 7 years ago.

Even More Stuff

Okay this is certainly an UI improvement! Although these 5 buttons on top right seems too much.  What if..?

This is not going to happen (as far as I know) but I like it. Hidden Control Bars (like in FS) is something that many people would want it. By the way I hope to fix somehow “Tabs” which look ugly.

Wanda says:

I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.

— Oscar Wilde

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  • JJ

    Is there any 3.7.1 ppas for nautilus in ubuntu? How to get it? Ricotz do not have 3.7.1 versions. He only seem to update gnome shell. What a pity!

    • alex285

      The only way to use next Gnome without messing with your system is to use jhbuild

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  • 7svito

    Great drafts, I impressed. Just edited it a little to be more compact, search bar now looks not so alone at the center. Take a look at it and say what you think.
    Also I mentioned that Files has two features that must be moved away from GMenu: “Enter location” must be in “view menu” and “Connect to server” should be in “gear menu”. It’s because these options are rather window- nor application- specific.

  • 7svito

    … and simple tab fix:)

    • alex285


      Why don’t you talk with Design Team and work with them? By the way am in favor for tabs in top!

  • 7svito

    Tabs on top has much more obvious lines and layout: