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Gnome Whiteboard | System Settings, Power

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This isn’t Ready!

Following designs are tentative art, far from a completed solution. There is a good chance to change, postponed for future releases or even completely dropped. In any case you shouldn’t consider these as final!


  • Options to spin down hard drives are confusing – we can’t expect users to understand the implications of these options.
  • Options for screen brightness, dimming and blanking are in the screen panel. This is linked to, so they don’t need to be reproduced here.
  • The shell guidelines detail how stopping the system should work. This has a number of consequences for the power panel:
    • Hibernate is no longer a user visible concept.
    • Suspend is the primary means of stopping using the system.
    • The behaviour of the power hardware button and on closing a laptop lid is specified – we assume this behaviour; it shouldn’t be configurable.
  • We should automatically detect when suspend/hibernate will not work and change the system behaviour and UI accordingly. This means:
    • Disabling suspend on lid close and hibernate on critical battery power.
    • Making the suspend options appear insensitive in the settings panel.

Tentative Art

Just some options when battery goes low.

A nice thing is that the system can also shows the battery state of the external connected devices when these are present, like wireless Keyboards. Logitech and Nexus, typical choices for the most of us :)

When charging it shows the time until full charged.

On battery, shows the time remaining

When there is no battery (Desktops) or external devices, several options are hidden.


Based on the above designs Gnome Power Settings would look like this:

These designs are quite an early work and as a matter of fact Allan will upload some new ones probably tomorrow. So you have to check always on Gnome Live for the latest ones!

Learn more [at]

How Mockups Work

Gnom-ers (contributors – from Red Hat employees to anyone) work on the assumption that people work on what they want. So for design, UX Team put out ideas and wait to see if anyone is interested. They don’t have the power to assign people to tasks, but they encourage contributors to work on the things that they think matter.

Gnome model looks and is very communit-ized and is open for everyone to evolve.

Wanda says:

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  • baz

    “The behaviour of the power hardware button and on closing a laptop lid is specified – we assume this behaviour; it shouldn’t be configurable.”

    I’ve had girlfriends who flip out if I so much as gently narrow the angle of their laptop screen for fear of it halting whatever’s going on at the time. It’s been a revelation when i show them you can turn off hibernation or shutdown on screen close. Surely this should be configurable?

    • alex285

      This is a standard and expected behavior. If you had that option, you most probably forget what option are you running on every time you were closing lid.

      Tip: Buy them a Tablet :)