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GNOME Weather New Ideas!

GNOME Weather is an application developed to cover the need to get current weather conditions in various places around the world, get forecasts, show radar maps and notify users of hazardous conditions. Weather is mainly developed by Giovanni Campagna and the app has already reached a point of being good enough to be used for weather forecasting in desktops. This is how 3.12 beta 2 looks like:



For 3.12, weather received mostly bug fixes, infrastructure improvements and technical modernization and better overall consistency following HIG guidelines for the app menu and the City View.

Taking this application to the next level and do so in the right manner may be a tricky thing to achieve, but thankfully GNOME enjoys the work and ideas of many talented people like Jakub Steiner who proposed the following designs/mockups for the next development cycle of GNOME Weather:


You can admire or criticise, expect or forget, but whatever you do keep in mind that the above are just design proposals and when the contented functionality gets implemented, it may look nothing like these mockups. So, the best is to be patient on the development and get involved. Learn more about GNOME Weather on the wiki.

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