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Gnome Tweak Tool adds extra background options!

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Add extra background options

The bug report was from Jeremy Bicha | (#689299)

Several people have complained in about the lack of background options in System Settings 3.6.

org.gnome.desktop.background picture-options and picture-uri in particular are the most requested.

The fix came from John Stowers | (commit)

This problem has been fixed in the development version. The fix will be available in the next major software release. Thank you for your bug report.

I also cherrypicked the patch onto the 3-6 branch (so you can push an updated tweak tool to ubuntu users)

This is how it looks

You can select your background and apply one of the 6 filters (Zoom, Wallpaper, Stretched, Spanned, Scaled, Center) or None, which is the default. If you select a background here, this is also applied in System Settings Backgrounds, and vice versa.

Jeremy is the author of UGR, (which by the way seems to have great success), he is also member of Ubuntu Gnome3 Team, and a contributor to Gnome. I didn’t ask him, but it would be a surprise if he won’t  push these changes in UGR ;)

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  • Igor

    Ugh. Why don’t they merge Tweak Tool with System Settings? Way to confuse users.

    • Michael Mistretta

      That would ruin the user experience! (sarcasm)

  • bzt

    While I welcome the return of those options, I don’t like that they are adding them to gnome-tweak-tool. Are new users really expected to configure their wallpapers in an application named “Tweak Tool”? Really, it seems like gtt is a place for gnome devs to stuff options, which would fit way better in control center panels. I wished they would kill off gnome-tweak-tool but not without merging its options into more appropriate applications like control center.

    • JJ

      That bug is raised against gnome tweak tool (not GCC). I wonder why!

      • Jeremy Bicha

        Somebody can file a gnome-control-center bug explaining why the extra options are useful for the majority of users.

        This is a workaround which doesn’t require convincing the gnome-control-center developers and designers.

    • alex285

      I would like to have Firewall inside GCC. Specially for Fedora 18, that Firewall is enabled by default

    • Michael Mistretta

      I also have to seriously question why gnome developers really hate simple desktop customization options.

    • IsacDaavid

      anyway, it’s better than having to find those options on dconf

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  • foobar

    The new chooser looks like a usability nightmare. I’m glad that I don’t change my background. It is honestly the stupidest selector I ever saw. You can’t even try some images anymore without searching for the image you stopped.

    However, I see why it is solved that way[1] and hope they are going to find a better solution in long term.

    [1] Content type based file selection

  • lakerssuperman

    I don’t find this to be the most eloquent solution, but it is nice to have. I’d rather they hide this stuff under an advanced button somewhere in the control center interface so that they keep the simple interface, but also have a few options where they are needed. I’m happy with Gnome 3.6 and losing these features were kind of annoying. I’m glad to see them back in any capacity.