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GNOME Tweak Tool 3.8 Release!

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Rui Matos released a couple of hours ago the very popular tweaking application for GNOME 3.8. G-T-T had only two iterations in this release cycle, 3.7.4 (around 3 months ago) and the final 3.8 today.

Commit: f3af7c0810662b5c8905dae6a493ade3c7127623

The complete changelogs include.

Changes 3.8.0

  • Fix manual extension installation (John Stowers)
  • Add tweak for window raise-on-click (John Stowers, #696890)
  • Don’t crash if gnome-shell is not running/installed (John Stowers, #696683)
  • List extensions alphabetically (Thomas Leberbauer, #695170)
  • Allow uninstalling / deleting extensions (Alex Muñoz, #695983)
  • Show all XKB options except the ones in control center (Rui Matos, #691381)
  • Fix g-t-t running in classic mode (Rui Matos, #694808)
  • Translation updates

Changes 3.7.4

  • Find a theme from XDG base directory spec (Jihyun Cho, #688028)
  • Add keywords to the .desktop file (Tim Lunn, #687949)
  • Honor different gnome-shell modes on relevant tweaks (Debarshi Ray, #689358)
  • Add desktop background options (John Stowers, #689299)
  • Add Pantheon to OnlyShowIn (John Stowers, #684097)
  • Show the XKB option group description (Rui Matos, #678171)
  • Use the new laptop lid policy in xrandr (John Stowers, #688814)
  • Several code clean ups (John Stowers)
  • Translation updates


So for those who already have GNOME 3.8 through some alpha distro, what major Tweak Tool 3.8 brings is:

An option to delete extensions.


As long as these are installed on our “home” and not globally in “usr”. As a general rule, extensions that we install from are single user installations, while extensions we install via our system packager are wide system installations.

An option to “raise-on-click”

This is basically the “org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences.raise-on-click” key in gsettings.


What this is?

Setting this option to false can lead to buggy behavior, so users are strongly discouraged from changing it from the default of true. Many actions (e.g. clicking in the client area, moving or resizing the window) normally raise the window as a side-effect. Setting this option to false, which is strongly discouraged, will decouple raising from other user actions, and ignore raise requests generated by applications.


Even when this option is false, windows can still be raised by an alt-left-click anywhere on the window, a normal click on the window decorations, or by special messages from pagers, such as activation requests from tasklist applets. This option is currently disabled in click-to-focus mode. Note that the list of ways to raise windows when raise-on-click is false does not include programmatic requests from applications to raise windows; such requests will be ignored regardless of the reason for the request.

If you are an application developer and have a user complaining that your application does not work with this setting disabled, tell them it is -their- fault for breaking their window manager and that they need to change this option back to true or live with the “bug” they requested.

In Dconf-Editor

My favorite reminder. DConf-Editor makes gsettings a playground. Here is how to change “raise-on-click” without Tweak Tool.


Get it, and discover all hidden (advanced) options  of GNOME 3.8!


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  • IsacDaavid

    I will really enjoy #695170, #695983 and #689299