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Gnome Tweak tool 3.6.0

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What’s new?

First thing you will probably notice is the new typing options from where you can set how you want various functions to be called from the keyboard.

The other very important thing is the ability to set open the extension preferences dialog straight from the tweak tool. This was something that we all wished for and is good to finally see it happen :)

The rest improvements/additions include the support for input sources, translation updates and a power-button actions menu where you can choose what you want your power button to work like. And that is a very happy end to the very much debated power button issue.

Some times I wonder, how hard was it to make things like that from the beginning and avoid all the querulousness….but let’s not be negative anymore! The new tweak tool is better and offers more, so happy tweaking everyone!

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  • Denis

    Well, i think you’re absolutely right, Bill, about implementing Gnome Tweak tool with all the features from the very beginning. Gnome Shell is often criticized for lack of customization. Well we see now, that slowly we are getting at that point we can customize more and more stuff.

  • Michael Mistretta

    They fixed the Dark Theme issue where you couldn’t see the fonts!

    • alex285


      • goldspy

        Was this fixed in the theme or in tweak tool? I’ve been searching high and low for a fix to that issue.