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Gnome Tweak Tool 3.5 – Super Kick!

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Everything same as the old tweak. Let file manager handle the desktop and show some folders / devices


Set the location entry (Ctrl+L) by default


Scale factor is still present but I think the will remove this. At least this is what said in discussions


This is the interesting part! Some settings for clock , set the Controls you want to be visible (Close/Minimize/Maximize), the Laptop Lid settings -with many people to have disagreements on this! set workspaces only in primary monitor and fixed workspaces.

Shell Extensions

Ok, I forgot to install one, and Tweak is now crashing so I cannot really try this :)


There is a new option here to use the black Adwaita theme in all Apps. Next of course is the nautilus with the black theme


Nothing new here

Gnome Shell

Also Giovanni Campagna pushed yesterday in Git about 15 patches for Gnome Shells Screen Lock! Trying to compile it I end up with two broken systems, (Ubuntu 12.10 & Fedora 18) but I guess I’ll test it and screen it later today!


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  • Mathias Rudolf

    Hey! I don’t understand. The Dynamic Workspaces Switch is already in my 3.4 Gnome! Didn’t you see it, Alex??

  • Mathias Rudolf

    Hey! I don’t understand. The Dynamic Workspaces Switch is already in the 3.4 Tool. Didn’t you see it before, Alex?

    • alex285

      What a shame you were right! I just using too much git here and I am lost :(

      • Mathias Rudolf

        No problem. Ah, by the way, i love your blog. Go on with it. Before I had to search for news like this, and it was wasting of time. This blog is exactly what I was looking for!

        And sorry for posting two times. There was a Browser Probleme, I think.

        • alex285

          Thank you!

    • alex285

      Ok fixed. Thanks for mentioning it on time :)

  • liam

    The font scale looks like they moved from the unusable dragline to a simple +-. A much better choice!
    The previous method was bad b/c as you changed the scale factor, the line itself changed which in turn could change the scale factor again if you continued to hold the button.