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GNOME to use the Unicode ellipsis (…) instead of three periods

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Ellipsis In Nautilus

Jeremy Bicha made a commit in Nautilus that replaces the three periods with a proper Ellipsis Character (bug #689586)

Above is Nautilus 3.7.x with the Ellipsis patches. I was thinking to make two screenshots (Nautilus 3.6 & Nautilus 3.7) to spot the differences, but luckily Jeremy forgot to fix the <Send To…>button, Thank you Jeremy!

If you carefully look at it, you will notice the difference between the <Send To (…)> and the other buttons. You should enlarge the image, and keep on mind that this is Ubuntu Fonts. While that seems a small enchantment, it isn’t. In small HD screens (that is tablets), the difference will be more noticeable.

Jeremy said:

I think it’s time that we move away from using three periods (…) to represent the ellipsis and instead use the Unicode character (…).

This style has already been adopted by Microsoft [1] and Apple [2].


On the other hand, I think it’s less clear whether we should change command line output as the single Unicode ellipsis takes up significantly less space than three periods in a monospace font.

These changes are made in more  GNOME components and not just Nautilus, like Gnome Control Center.

Philip Withnall said:

GTK+ has just switched to using Unicode ellipses[1], and there’s a tracker bug[2] open for the rest of the desktop. It would be great to get some momentum behind this

[1] + /commit/?id=ceb866dfe6be6d88b8f83a3cbdb8a2a688419c82


Ellipsis and Web

I don’t have a clue how you add Ellipsis in GTK/C, but in Web-Development is a common practice. I will make an example, so if you view this in a tablet, you can see the differences.

(Droid Sans, 20px)

Three Dots ( ... )
Ellipsis Decimal < &#8230; > ( … )
Ellipsis HEX < &#x2026; > ( … )
HTML Entity < &hellip; > ( … )

(Droid Sans, 12px | For Tablets)

Three Dots ( ... )
Ellipsis Decimal < &#8230; > ( … )
Ellipsis HEX < &#x2026; > ( … )
HTML Entity < &hellip; > ( … )

Hmmm, not the best example, but anyway ;)

The bottom line is that one more detail arrives that will make Gnome3 better! And more Unicode Symbols follows, not just Ellipse!

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