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GNOME Terminal 3.12 Adds A Search Provider!

I had written about this before. But now this feature is -almost- here!


In GNOME 3.12 if we run a command in a Terminal ( for example top ), we will be able to open Shell Overview, type “top” and Shell Terminal Provider will bring us the Terminal that runs “Top” as result. We click it and we bring focus. But there is more!

Unfortunately, I can’t really demonstrate this right now, but it is a work in progress anyway, and I’ ll do a detailed post when it is done.

Allan Day ( #711075 )

It would be pretty awesome to be able to search for a terminal from the Activities Overview.

Search could match against:

  • user
  • location
  • currently running command
  • last run command

Search would return terminals (identified by the prompt and currently running / last run command). Selecting a search result would switch to the relevant window/tab.

To learn more, just follow the bug tracker.

The ~first patches ( 2 days ago ) are from Debarshi Ray, and I consider this, one of the new amazing things of GNOME 3.12! At least for people that use lots of Terminal-Emulators!

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