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Gnome System Startup Screens Designs

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system startup

description: From power on to either GDM or the user session should be fluid and seamless.

Goals Non Goals
-Indicate the power is on
-Show something is happening
-Efficiently get the system operational
-Don’t be a separate place
-Don’t beat the user over the head with branding
-Operate in both graphics and text mode
-Graphics mode must work at 800×600
-Text mode must work at 80×24 characters
-Text mode restricted to ASCII character set
-Background cannot be pure black (#000) due to the way monitors align video images. However, #080808 for example is OK.


These are mockups under discussion and nothing is final yet.

With logos (probably distro logo here)

consistency with the rest system

Watch the similarities with Login/Lock Screens, Notifications Bar and even Adwaita dark theme.

Background is one of the defaults from the Wallpaper Pallet of Gnome 3.6; and of course the famous Gnome Icons!

colors colors colors!

The easiest way to give a professional look into your system is to use dark colors and specially dark grey as Gnome Design Team does. Everyone uses these colors; shouldn’t Gnome be more “special” ?  I think they have overdone it in a degree that it ends up to be depressing. Consistent look doesn’t necessary come by the colors.

Imagine, a rainy September day, that you just have broke up, to boot your Gnome on, watch all these grey boot screens, then open Files and see the -born to make you sad- Icons,  and listen to Emilliana Torrini..

dedicated to Gnome Design Team :)

 ..wouldn’t you commit suicide ? :)

System Startup Design page

 a gnome spinner, if you want to use it in ajax loadings :)

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  • Arron Washington

    I feel like the first two mock-ups are just too sparse — the second two are better, but… I dunno, unappealing?

  • foobar

    The colour palette is quite limited during a boot and you can’t even use all of them during startup concerning display behaviour.

    • alex285

      I don’t know the constraints in colors and animations (loading), but these colors reminds me old Acer and Dell laptop cases :)

  • Adonis K (Vαяēмēиøš)

    Not bad (the last of the 4 screenshots at least) but im sure (hope) they will improve it.

  • Rodrigo Teixeira


  • hictio

    The GNOME logo with the spinning wheel below its the best one IMHO.

  • Sriram Ramkrishna

    I think Jakub has some videos of the startup in the GNOME channel on youtube.