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GNOME Sound Recorder Icons, From Sam Hewitt? :)

GNOME Sound Recorder is a new application for GNOME 3.12 and it recently bumped to version 3.11.5. Meg Ford did a good work by creating a simple Sound Recorder program for GNOME.


Sound Recorder does what suppose to do, it records audio from your microphone, and save the files under $HOME/Recordings.


Sound Recorder hasn’t many options yet, but it is a utility that was badly missing from GNOME. It supports 5 audio formats.

  1. Ogg Vorbis
  2. Opus
  3. FLAC
  4. MP3
  5. MOV

When Moka meet Sound Recorder :)

Sound Recorder in version 3.11.5 has a new icon designed directly from Sam Hewitt of Moka Project. I don’t know if Hewitt has done more work for GNOME (I guess he has), but this guy is quite talented and is a privilege for GNOME to have contributions ( small or large ) from such people.

Icon is quite “detailed” in the standards of the rest GNOME icons from Jakub Steiner, and it doesn’t belong to Moka Icon Set.



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