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GNOME Software Privacy Policy | On / Off

GNOME Software runs a service that can send statistics like the usage or the rating of applications that are removed or installed, to your distribution vendor. We can enable / disable this through the GNOME Control Center.

Additionally there is a policy for it.

GNOME Software Privacy Policy

GNOME Software can optionally use a ratings and reviews service offered by your distribution. If enabled, GNOME Software will notify a web service that a specific application has been installed or removed.

This information about which software you use helps us provide other users with more accurate recommendations and helps us to choose applications to feature on the overview page.

When submitting ratings your IP address is sent along with the usage information. This is exactly the same information submitted viewing this web page. A one-way hash of this address is also stored in a database to prevent duplicate entries being added by the same user, but this can not be used to identify specific users or network addresses.

We will never share the list of applications or your IP address with third parties other than the original distribution web-service used by GNOME Software.

History of Changes

Modified 2014-02-04 by Richard Hughes

GNOME Software Privacy Policy

GSettings Schema

The option to disable this service is exposed to GSettings ( commit ), so it can be available to other modules, like GNOME Control Center.


Schema | org.gnome.desktop.privacy send-software-usage-statistics

If True GNOME Software will send statistics when applications are removed or installed to your distro vendors. If False application usage will not be monitored and recorded and no information will be sent to the vendor.

Default: True

GNOME Control Center

Gnomers are very strict with privacy so they added an On / Off switch in Control Center under the Privacy Panel.


That closes bug #723619

Since we are talking for GNOME Software, just a screenshot of the first page, as it looks today.


Software’s 3.12 home page is almost identical to Software 3.10, but all the new cool features are coming inside, like the creation of Application Folders for Shell and Applications Rating.

All previous changes are made for GNOME 3.12.

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