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Gnome Shell Vs Unity ..Naah!

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more choice if you do not like Gnome Shell or Unity. 

First of all I have a new. I asked Gnome Release Team and fallback mode in Gnome will not be dropped in 3.6 as some rumors predicting. But don’t you either expect heavy development on it.

Gnome Shell and Unity

I used unity-2d-shell and what makes it cool, is that notifications are handled by Gnome Shell , you still have the Overview and you also have the nice Dash that Unity provides. Basically you have the best features that these two projects offer!



My box was quite unstable, is an Ubuntu 12.10 with ricotz ppa and also many modules are compiled by me. Gnome Shell is in version 3.5.4 which came out 2 days ago and Unity in version 6.0 which I have no clue when released. Moreover I was running this in virtual box, so I was getting some bad FPS but this won’t be a case in a normal installation.  Of course you can try it to your devices if you possess an Ubuntu.

Just run Gnome-Shell and on a terminal write: “unity-2d-shell”.

And if you are lazy, just watch the YouTube :)

You better try it in HD!

See? There aren’t limitations in Gnome-Shell ;)

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  • Michal Vašut

    uff, insteresting, but just for fun

  • Philip Witte

    The double ways to access Apps is horrible.

    A much better solution is to have Gnome-Shell (with it’s awesome activities area) + the ‘Dash to Dock’ extension.

    The one thing I like better about Unity’s dock, is when clicking on a unfocused program with multiple windows, it brings you to an overview mode (similar to Shell’s activities) for only those windows. It makes it very easy to pick which window you want, and I think Gnome-Shell could benefit from that design. I also think the Dash-to-Dock extension should be the default design.

  • Marie

    Dash to Dock extension makes Shell rock. Another great option is XFCE with Plank (from PPA) at bottom. Then set up super shortcut to match Application Finder app. :)

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  • ThatMattRogers

    To be honest i can easily live without unity’s launcher (the dock) but I really am quite fond of a few other innovations such as lenses and HUD if we could implement those in GS (and maybe have a lighter 2d version for old my netbook) I might have my perfect desktop.

  • LinuxOsPoint

    I see no time to see the new Gnome 3.6