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Gnome Shell Recorder now sets frame duration right!

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The Bug report: (Matthias Clasen | #688487)

The webm recordings that I produce with the shell screen recorder all claim to
be 2 seconds long:

$ gst-discoverer-1.0 Videos/hi-there.webm 
Analyzing file:///home/mclasen/Videos/hi-there.webm
Done discovering file:///home/mclasen/Videos/hi-there.webm

  container: WebM
    video: VP8

  Duration: 0:00:02.847000000
  Seekable: yes
      video codec: VP8 video
      container format: Matroska

In reality, this recording is 13 seconds long, and totem does play all 13
seconds, despite showing the wrong duration. pitivi, on the other hand, can't
really make use of these clips.

Bastien says this is probably because the recording is not properly ended, and
the header is not updated.

Transcoding the file from webm to webm with transmageddon seems to fix things

But we should really not produce broken webm files in the first place.

The Solution: (Adel Gadllah | e0d127b3e46b35b0525253e3976b19b1db67c89d )

We where not setting a duration for the frames, which caused the resulting videos to 
have a broken header. Fix that by making the source a live source and setting the 
correct frame duration.

The patch came out about 1.5h ago in Master and it requires Gnome 3.7.2 (which tarballs officially come today by 23.59), but I just tried it!

I got the output to playing in Sushi (duration showing) and imported to openShot! Since today I had to re-encode videos ..never again! Speaking of GS Recorder, we can now launch it from inside Overview Mode.

In a few hours Gnome Shell 3.7.2 (tarballs) will be released, and this is the best 3.(even).2 version ever made -as long as I can remember. Gnome Shell 3.8 will rock!

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  • Josh Melling

    SHIFT+crt+alt+R folks

  • IsacDaavid

    I didn’t even know screen recording was natively possible. Are there more hidden features in gnome-shell that people aren’t aware of?

    • alex285


      Isn’t hidden, it is visible under your keyboard shortcuts alongside with Print – Screen :)

      • JJ

        There are many keyboard shortcuts that people are not aware of. This causes many frustrations etc. The shift+prntscreen, alt+left/right etc. are true life savers. They should really produce a keyboard shortcut overlay like in unity

        • IsacDaavid

          Shift+prntscreen is one of the best. Alt+left/right? What are those?

          • alex285

            Alt + Left/Right navigates forward/backward to Nautilus. Also with Super + Up/Down/Left/Right you can tile current window, Maximize/Normal/Left/Right. This isn’t working to all distros

      • IsacDaavid

        I see…