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Gnome Shell messageTray: Add a notification focus keybinding

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Open an active chat with <Super+n> without taking your hands from keyboard. Fast & simple!

Responding without using mouse!

Tip: You can open Message Tray with <Super+m>, navigate to items with arrows, open them with Enter or Space, close them with Esc. Message Tray doesn’t close with <Super+m>; this is a bug that it will be fixed in 3.8.

Note: You don’t need Empathy Window open to chat, this is just for the demonstration!

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  • Erik Blas

    Very cool, (newb question) is this available in nightly builds?

  • Michal Vašut

    ehm, little bit of schizophrenia? why is necessary to have opened the messaging window when I write message in bottom-side applet (or what is this)?

    • alex285

      Oops sorry, I think you have right, this video is a bit confusing. Empathy window is supposed to be another computer. I was trying to screencast a chat with my friend, but she was making fun on chat so I couldn’t really show what she was saying!

      After 3-4 broken records I had to talk to chat with myself (!!). You don’t need Empathy to chat, sorry for that!

  • Adonis K (Vαяēмēиøš)

    Imho, the notification system needs a complete rewrite.
    This whole “x is ready” and the notification area visible only by going to overview mode or hovering at the bottom of the screen, is annoying the least.

    Look at cinnamon’s way of fixing the problem. They removed the “is ready” message, they added a notification applet on the topbar, they removed the fancy but highly annoying “reply-notification” popups (that only work with few gnome-specific applications) and everything is simple, easy and most of all comfortable for the user.

    • alex285

      I see what you mean, that’s why I wrote that tip on the post. If you used to this and you have plenty of messages, I think is more convenient than what Cinnamon does. However that delay to open the tray with mouse plus the distance with Super+M is certainly annoying.

      • alex285

        Oh but you surely can change Shortcuts, for example Super+M to Super+S

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