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Gnome Shell Logout option comes back for single accounts

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Gnome Shell 3.8

Next Gnome Shell will be all about polishing things. A plethora of small details is planned that will increase Gnome Shell usability and aesthetics and some of these changes are already in master branch.

The main change will be the brand new and much promising Gnome Shell Search in Overview, which will look for about anything in the system or cloud -patches haven’t arrived yet. Add on this the quite improved Notification System and the new Keyboard Shortcuts (which isn’t clear yet if arrive). Removal of Application Categories from overview is on the air (at least I don’t know anything about it).

Even if you do ask a Gnome developer what are the new things that will land in Gnome Shell 3.8, you’ll get an answer like “We will do as much as possible”.  My personal guess judging from what I see so far, is wow, Gnome Shell 3.8 will rock, and my lucky guess is that Gnome will force people to come back to it through UGR or Fedora. At least the people that don’t buy pre-installed Ubuntu systems (you know what I mean!).

Log Out for Single Accounts

You normally need a logout option when more than one account exist so you can switch to another. One more reason is if you want to reload your Gnome Session (logout and re-login) or to pick a different environment like Unity (all Ubuntu users have both Gnome Shell and Unity) or Cinnamon, OpenBox etc. Alright, we can just restart GDM from terminal, but this isn’t quite nice solution :)

Personally I don’t think is a big deal or even the right choice, but is a sign that Gnom-ers listen to people for things that don’t really support.

Matthias made the two commits:

Add a setting to force the ‘Log out’ menuitem | (bug #686057)

I’ve heard quite a bit of feedback from people who want to log out, even ifthey are the sole user on their system. It doesn’t seem work alienating them
over this; can we add a setting to make the log out item show up, always ?

I don’t think we want to put the setting anywhere in the ui.

So there will be an option for any distributor want to use Logout by default ..or we can change this for our self through Gnome Tweak Tool

Show ‘Log out’ in more situations | (bug #686736)

There is a second patch again pushed by Matthias

When the current user is a remote account, or a we are logged in as root, we should always show ‘Log out’.

Identify Applications in Window Overview

There is a huge improvement in this area.

Gnome Shell 3.8 makes better use of available space, while it draws windows according to their original size (and creation time), so you can easier identify an application. We had print this when Allan present it as part of Every Details Matters project. Well, it is different reading something and trying it out. This is a *huge* improvement!

A drawback here is that Applications don’t show an Overlay Icon similar to OverLay Extension something that already works for Cinnamon and Elementary’s Gala. However this bug has been identify in Gnome Shell Annoyances, but is not yet confirmed. If anyone is interested to work on this, he/her only need to make a Gnome Live Account, make some mockups and contact Gnome Design Team.


Stéphane Démurget pushed a nice patch that makes sure you won’t miss a system notification that requires your attention.
Show feedback notifications when the user is busy | (bug #662900)

Notifications that are created in response to direct user actions like “is ready” or “‘foo’ has been removed from favorites” should always be displayed even though the user has marked him/herself busy.

Because no feedback at all is surly not what the user expects in this case. As for the “is ready” in lots of situations we should probably just show the window but that is kind of a different bug.

Every Detail Matters

Small details have ruined lots of big relationships :) Such a small detail is the new Run Command design in Gnome Shell.

Other than the new design that is mouse/touch friendly the Close Button also help us to close Run Command without exiting the overview mode something that happens if we “Esc” and then we should re-launch Overview.

Ooh, and there is much more in Gnome Shell 3.8!

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  • Taijan

    Impressive, I feel that Gnome shell getting better and better while ubuntu struggle with the shopping lens.

  • Masishta

    After install another DE like KDE log out will show up automatically in gnome 3.6
    but yes it needs to be show all the time

    • alex285

      Really? I didn’t know that :)

      • Masishta

        yeah.What I really like to see in gnome 3.8 is huge improvement to message tray.current message tray is totally useless

        • alex285

          I think you will be pleased from what you will see in 3.8 :)

  • JonCCrawford

    Is Tweak Tool going to rolled into Gnome 3.8 so people can log out without chasing down supplemental software that Gnome does nothing to tell people about? The deliberate decision to remove Log Out is an indicator of the apparentGnome mindset that people criticize. What possible purpose is served by preventing people from logging out? How does a Gnome user benefit from that design decision? (The developers may benefit from it because it is one less thing in the code base to maintain, but no one out here in userland cares, or should.) I can’t tell you how many times I’ve installed software that recommends I log out before using it.

    Just get over it and put log out back. Put Tweak Tool in there and call it Advanced Settings. Their absence was the wrong decision in the first place.

    • alex285

      > Put Tweak Tool in there and call it Advanced Settings.
      It’s up to distro publishers if they want to include GTT and have an Advanced Settings Option. Gnome hasn’t anything to do with this.. Gnome should add Tweak Tool Options in Control Center. Unfortunately Themes and Extensions aren’t yet stable and they can crash your system, without even know the reason. Many new and popular themes affect Gnome Shell stability. So, that perfectly justifies their decision.

      • JonCCrawford

        I don’t understand, Alex. Are you saying that if Tweak Tool was rolled into Gnome, and no longer left as a separate piece of software, distributions could still choose to remove it? That’s always true of every Gnome component. What incentive, though, would they have to remove that capability?

        My point is that there is no justifiable reason why users can’t, for example, tweak font rendering so their screen is used to best advantage without knowing that Tweak Tool exists or how to get it. I just don’t understand why the capabilities of Tweak Tool are not part of every bog-standard Gnome install.

        • alex285

          I mean that as for today GTT is not a core Gnome Application, but it’s up to distributors to ship it or not. I think OpenSUSE (and most of smaller distros) have GTT pre-installed.

          > users can’t, for example, tweak font rendering so their screen is used to best advantage

          This is a confirmed bug since day one. Gnome has around 300 contributors, and they well aware of these issues. Everyone is free to improve whatever personally feels is more important. Eventually Gnome Tweak Options will be included in Gnome, that is my guess.

    • gnomeuser
      • JonCCrawford

        I’m nowhere near as hostile about Gnome 3 as Dedoimedo is. I think there’s a really good batch of software there.

  • Bastian Hougaard

    “As for the “is ready” in lots of situations we should probably just show the window but that is kind of a different bug.”

    In my opinion, only if the window is in the same workspace. I often keep my Evolution in one workspace and Chromium in another workspace because that way I can click several links in an e-mail in Evolution without leaving the application every single time.