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Gnome Shell focus effect!

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A nice side effect is that every newly opened window gets a smooth transparent to solid effect for a very short period when opening. The only thing I could ask for is the ability to easier change the settings through the extension preferences.

To install this extension you can either  download it, unzip the downloaded file and then put the folder into usr/share/gnome-shell/extension, or download the zip and open the Advanced Settings, go to the extensions category and open the zip by pressing the “Install Extension” button.

Focus Effect Extension

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  • Fábio Nogueira

    Working in GNOME Shell 3.6?

    • billtoulas

      Not yet :(

      • Fábio Nogueira

        I Got it! I changed the metadata.json… I switch 3.4 to 3.6 ;)

        • alex285

          Hahaha, that means porting :)