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GNOME Shell Apps Picker – Revisited

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This is an update to the last post about the App picker. Apparently there was a newer (4 days old) video that I had missed, so here it is.

The designs are from Jakub Steiner and the implementation is coming from Carlos Soriano who let a comment in the previous post (Thanks!).

Since it is from a gnome core designer, I will do that, and just that, so all of this(animations included) will be landed (if all goes fine! =) ) and yes, Do that is possible with clutter, and in consequence it is possible to do in gnome shell (althougth the graphics cards skip some frames and animations can’t be more smooth than the graphics cards allow)

If you see too much animations, don’t worry, we are working on that just now, and it is in a very early state, feedback will be discussed with the design team when implemented and we will adjust all these things.

Paging is just to help spatial memory (my app is around page 2-3), but Shell’s search has hugely improved , you can just type (text) and get all the text editors, so paging might not be really necessary –at least for keyboards :)

The animations isn’t just for the aesthetics but they show where applications are stored (9-dots icon).

There was a discussion about creating collections in Shell Apps similar for example to Documents. That means (if they implement it) you will be able to grouping your Apps into custom AppsFolders, because the current default sets don’t work really good and carry all the problems that pre-defined categories had.

Notice that all these are currently early designs!

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  • speedmax

    awesome animations

  • Viorel-Cătălin Răpițeanu

    Scrolling animation should be a slower, while opening a collection folder should be faster.

  • Domagoj Bet

    The problem with this is that there are too many animations – like the unnecesarry one were the icons appear in a fancy way when you open a category – and they are slow, which actually slows down using the comp.

    Perhaps you could do what ubuntu did with their minimize animation – first couple of times it is slow so that it’s easier for new users to grasp, but then it gradually becomes faster. :)

    • Joshua Strobl

      The animation doesn’t slow down the computer, the animation is on a separate thread. It just is perceived to be slower due to the duration of the animation. Personally, I’m not a fan of the animation for icons when opening up a category. I just want to open up the f’ing category and view icons, there is no reason to add more complexion to that.

      • Domagoj Bet

        No, no that’s not what I said. I meant that it slows down your workflow because you have to wait for another second or two because of the animations.

        • Joshua Strobl

          Clearly there is a difference between what you said and what you meant. You said “which actually slows down using the comp”, when that is not in fact the case.

          Either way, you’re right about the animations.

          • Domagoj Bet

            Well we could go on with this, but I said slows down using the comp – which is the same as slows workflow; if I had said slows down the comp. then it would imply it actually affecting performance. But irrelevant nitpicking. haha :D :)

  • lh

    animation is too slow

  • Michael Mistretta

    I like it. If people want to change the animation speed -which is understandable- then perhaps we need an ‘Effects’ configuration editor added to System Settings to alter animation speed and effects.

  • Omar Samuels

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!! ITS PERFECT. the explosion of the app picker is a lovely effect. if the developers decide not to include it in stock gnome then they should do an extension for it. exciting stuff

  • Omar Samuels

    PS the pagination, and grouping effects are great also….loving it

  • Clueless User

    Absolutely gorgeous. I would really love to see this implemented in the next Gnome release. I don’t think the animations are particularly slow myself, but the designer acknowledges that there is work still to do. It will only get better. :)

    Really lovely design. Amazing work!

  • Martin Vykoukal

    Appearing animation of apps in those groups should be faster, but other than that I think that it is really really cool design! ;-)

  • George Farris

    Dump the additional mouse movement, there is too much in GNOME 3. Click the group, it opens, click it again and it closes. Get rid of the “X” in the corner. Why do we need to do all this extra mouse movement. Other wise looks nice.

    • Carlos Soriano Sánchez

      That’s the current behaviour. You can click on the icon to close, or click outside the view to close, or click the close button to close.