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GNOME Shell 3.8.4 release with major fixes!

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Ray Strode committed yesterday the fourth revision (3.8.4) of Shell 3.8 series,  that closes many annoying bugs and regressions. It is worth to mention that first time Shell had 4 (3.x.4) major bug fixing releases.

I will mainly focus to bug  #701224 which is really good news for gamers .

The report is from Alex Hultman

I recently installed Fedora 19 Beta to try out the new fullscreen unredirect heuristics. It doesn’t work at all.

I’m trying Left 4 Dead 2 Beta on NVIDIA proprietary drivers.

Even though I have disabled v-sync, the game is still synced (because the shell is actually still compositing the game). I get the same FPS in gnome 3.8 as in gnome 3.6 (with compositing enabled!). The problem is that I cannot turn off compositing in 3.8 since metacity is removed.

It’s kind of useless for game play. I get 20 FPS in 3.8 and I should get like 50 as in gnome 3.6 with metacity. As you know, I was involved in testing this new heuristics and it worked when I tested it. Now, it has somehow regressed totally.

When I first installed Fedora 19 Beta, it seemed to work because the volume OSD did not appear when running fullscreen flash video, but then I did a full system update (which updated gnome-shell). After the update, OSD is displaying when I change volume in full screen games and flash. I don’t know how to downgrade gnome-shell? It may be this last update that regressed the unredirect heuristics. Anyhow – it doesn’t work at all now.

Should the OSD appear when changing volume in a unredirected fullscreen app? Unredirected windows should not be able to display OSD because that needs a compositor. Is the window being composited for a short while and then unredirected again after the OSD disappears?

This was a regression in Mutter with the Tray Icons

Adel -drago01- Gadllah says

This is indeed a regression caused by the new tray icon code. We only unredirect windows when they are on top of the stack. Now tray icons are put on top of the stack which prevent windows from being detected as being on top of the stack.

Steam uses a tray icon which causes steam games to be pretty much always hit by this.

However this bug also affects (in rare cases that I cannot reproduce) HoN which is not a steam game.


HoN is well supported in GNOME 3, as S2 Games brings specific fixes for GNOME 3 in their Linux Client

I suppose by now you all have version 3.8.3, so bellow is the full list of fixes you’ll get in 3.8.4. If you are unsure about your GNOME Shell version open a terminal and type:

$ gnome-shell --version

GNOME Shell 3.8.4

  • Fix initial text in logout dialog [Matthias; #702056]
  • Clear login messages when the user answers [John; #702458]
  • Align the “Not Listed?” label properly in the login screen [Mathieu; #702307]
  • Workaround crash causing bugs in code [Florian; #610279]
  • Improve time stamp in chat messages (frequency and formatting)[Carlos; #687809, #687809]
  • Fix unlock screen after prematurely stopping curtain drag [Lionel; #703126]
  • Fix autorun notification [Matthis; #703418]
  • Fix background occasionally turning solid blue on monitor changes [Lionel: #703001]
  • Increase message tray performance [Giovanni; #700194]
  • Fix focus of notifications after they’re expanded [Jasper; #698778]
  • Fix orientation of gradient on app menu in RTL locales [Jasper; #704583]
  • Support filenames in addition to file uris for background [Giovanni, Ray; #702121]

Misc bug fixes [Adel, Florian, Emilio, Alban, Jasper]
#702338, #704265, #698863, #698484


Mathieu Bridon, Alban Browaeys, Giovanni Campagna, Matthias Clasen, Adel Gadllah, Emilio Pozuelo Monfort, Linonel Landwerlin, Carlos Soriano, Ray Strode, John Wendell

Mutter 3.8.4

  • Workaround failure to bring back shell interface after fullscreen game in some situations [Adel; #701224]
  • Fix sluggish and stuck pointers moving windows [Adel, Jasper: #699777]
  • Reduce log spew [Adel, Jasper; #702564, #703970]
  • Touch screen fixes [Jasper: #697192]
  • Fix rendering of large background images [Jasper, Ray: #702283]

Adel Gadllah, Jasper St. Pierre, Ray Strode

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  • Domagoj Bet

    I have found gnome 3.8 to be generally quite stable. I haven’t had it crash in Fedora 19 not even once.

    Having said that, there is one strange regression since 3.8.0 that occurs in all distros and that’s stuttery, laggy and unfluid animations, in particular, the shrinking of windows when entering the overview and opening the workspace sidebar.

    Now, these “laggs” did not occur in any previous version on my AMD RADEON HD5470.

    Another interesting thing is that even when I succeded in installing the AMD Catalyst drivers the situation got even worse – the exact opposite of what happened in previous versions.

    So for now, unfortunately I’m using ubuntu 12.04 with gnome 3.4. At least it’s stable and reggesion free.

    Plus – I’ve seen that others have encountered this problem as well –

    • alex285

      I’ve heard similar issues, too bad :(
      Maybe you should mention this on Shell ML or Google GNOME community channel

    • bwat47

      I’ve seen a few laggy animations, but overall its been quicker and smoother than 3.6 for me. 3.6 was just a pig (and had massive memory leaks. 3.8 still leaks memory but not nearly as bad).

      I liked 3.4, and almost stayed with debian wheezy which uses 3.4, but 3.4 has lots of gnome-shell javascript “deadlock” issues which get incredibly annoying (shell totally freezes at random), and these weren’t properly fixed until 3.6.

  • spike Crush

    Is the flash fullscreen issue already adressed? Quite annoying.

  • Ernesto Gutierrez

    Will fedora users get the update to 3.8.4 via fedora repos?
    Or we have to hack our way into an upgrade?

    • alex285

      Of course, I guess inside the next 1-3 days

      • Michael Catanzaro

        I guess 7-10 days. It hasn’t been submitted as an update yet, and I don’t think anything happens on the weekends, so I think 3-4 days just to reach testing.

    • spike Crush

      Get Arch. :P

    • bwat47

      A few of the gnome-shell 3.8.4 fixes were already added to fedora’s 3.8.3 package (such as the nautilus gnome-shell crash fix)

  • David

    Currently using Gnome 3.8 on Fedora 19 in VMWare Fusion works well love the speed improvements and new application launcher/search results. Also Epiphany web applications seem to work better now.

  • Javier

    The latest gnome-shell kept crashing and or hanging the system. If interested, email me with what you guys will need for debugging. For the moment I had to return to 3.8.3