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GNOME Shell 3.8.3 Release

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Normally all big changes in GNOME modules come to x.x.1 version but this time 3.8.3 has a few noticeable things.


Tweaks in Session Selection

Gnome Shell 3.8.3 =>

  • Fix child menu regression introduced in 3.8.2 [Florian; #699678]
  • Fix alt-tab not always switching back to the previous window [Florian; #700356]
  • Fix VPN network icon regression introduced in 3.8.2 [Florian; #700394]
  • Allow switch-to-workspace-n keybindings in overview [Florian; #649977]
  • Update man page [Matthias; #700339]
  • Add FocusSearch DBus method [Florian; #700536]
  • gdm: Update the session chooser style [Allan; #695742]
  • Fix some app folders getting truncated at the top [Florian; #694371]
  • Fix duplicate cursors in screenshots with magnification [Florian; #700488]
  • popupMenu: Allow for an optional border for slider handle [Florian; #697917]
  • Synchronize input source switching with key events [Rui; #697007]
  • Switch input source on modifiers-only accelerator [Rui; #697008]
  • Allow input source switching in message tray [Rui; #697009]
  • Tweak timeout for activating windows during XDND [Adel; #700150]
  • Fix fullscreen windows not being unredirected when legacy tray icons are around [Adel; #701224]
  • Fix ellipsization in control buttons in app picker [Carlos; #696307]
  • Fix DND to empty dash [Florian; #684618]
  • Fix OSD window appearing below system modal dialogs [Rui; #701269]
  • Clear clipboard on screen lock to prevent information leak [Florian; #698922]
  • Allow session mode specific overrides schema [Florian; #701717]
  • Fix incomplete app menu if multiple actions only become available later [Xavier; #694612]
  • Fix showing the OSD when a fullscreen app is unredirected [Adel, #701224]
  • window-switcher: Only show windows from current workspace by default [Florian; #701214
  • Misc bug fixes [Florian, Rui, Giovanni, Stef; #700409, #700625, #700807, #700842, #700900, #700944, #700190, #700972, #700877]

Bugs Bugs…

Some other noticeable changes is the fact that Shell 3.8.3 crash X Server in Fedora 19 when we have the NVidia Drivers.

*** Error in `/usr/bin/Xorg': free(): invalid pointer: 0x0000000001c39460 ***

If you suffer from the same issue a temporary solution (?!?) is to remove or disable NVidia.

Bug 701224 – Regression: Full screen video games are not unredirected. Concerning this bug, look whats happens now with the Open Drivers in the very popular Heroes of Newerth.


If I hit <Super> inside the game (which I can’t play anyway anymore since NVidia doesn’t work), the focus is completely lost and you need to jump into the Console and kill the HoN process manually (!!!).

In my case (because I don’t know if you guys have the same bugs) this is probably the worst update ever in Shell -at least in Fedora. Therefore I installed Cinnamon to have a working PC. By the way Gnome Shell 3.9.2 isn’t affected from those bugs.

Mutter 3.8.3=>

  • Add support for string-array preferences [Florian; #700223]
  • Fix shade window action [Stef; #693714]
  • Add API to freeze/unfreeze the keyboard [Rui; #697001]
  • Grab and emit a signal when XK_ISO_Next_Group is pressed [Rui; #697002]
  • Ensure events are always reported to the grab window [Rui; #701219]
  • Use new clutter_stage_set_paint_callback() function to prevent dropping
  • frames with frame synced toolkits [Owen; #698794]

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  • Ingress

    GNOME 3.8 will end up in Fedora 19 and RHEL7. So fixing release critcal bugs is still a part of 3.8. Having regressions is natural part of this. Please report any bugs.

  • Fred

    I found that 3.8 in all is the most unstable Shell release to date. I had to switch to another WM on Fedora 19 because all the bugs in nautilus and shell. It’s close to unusable.

    Hope it’ll get better in 3.10 so I can come back to it. Too bad RHEL ships with this version instead of 3.6 or 3.10.

    • alex285

      I have the same issues as you, but keep on mind that Fedora 19 is on Beta and those bugs seems block bugs to me. I guess they will fix them before stable is out. Btw if you follow them, let a comment please if fixed!

  • Clueless User

    I agree with Fred that 3.8 is the most unstable yet. I’ve been using Gnome 3 since 3.0 and through all the new releases, but 3.8 has so far been the buggiest yet. Even 3.0 wasn’t as problematic for me.

    Anyway, hope they fix it up. :)