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Gnome Shell 3.7.5 looks better!

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  • MessageTray: pass keyboard events to tray icons [Giovanni; #687425]
  • network: add support for virtual devices (vlan, bond, bridge) [Dan; #677144]
  • gdm: Allow right-clicking buttons for left-handed users [Jasper; #688748]
  • Make list search results span all available horizontal space [Tanner; #691967]
  • Make Show-Applications button depress when held down [Hashem; #692319]
  • Set a max width on search results [Cosimo; #692453]
  • Reserve scrollbar allocation for automatic policy [Cosimo; #686881]
  • Improve scaling algorithm for window thumbnails [Jasper; #686944]
  • Fix launching settings panels after g-c-c changes [Jasper; #692483]
  • Stop launching applications from empty searches [Hashem; #692391]
  • Implement per-source notification filtering [Giovanni; #685926]
  • ScreenShield: Omit ActiveChanged() signal at end of fade [Giovanni; #691964]
  • ScreenShield: Lower the shield on idle before locking [Giovanni; #692560]
  • Make previews of minimized windows translucent in overview [Florian; #692999]
  • windowManager: Respect icon geometry when minimizing [Florian; #692997]
  • ScreenShield: Only show lock icon when actually locked [Giovanni; #693007]
  • general: Use & instead of ‘and’ for Settings panels [Jeremy; #689590]
  • network: Add support for new ModemManager1 interface [Aleksander; #687359]
  • network: Handle LTE-only modems as GSM ones [Aleksander; #688144]
  • mobile-providers: Port to libnm-gtk [Aleksander; #688943]
  • general: Consistently use Title Case in top bar [Jeremy; #689589]
  • panel: Add :overview pseudo class while in overview [Florian; #693218]
  • sessionMode: Add support for mode-specific styling [Florian; #693219]
  • loginManager: Make suspend a NOP in the ConsoleKit patch [Florian; #693162]
  • screenShield: Inhibit suspend until the screen is locked [Florian; #686482]


The new search results look much better now that max width is set


Firefox window is shown as translucent in overview, indicating that it is minimized

Misc bug fixes and cleanups

[Jasper, Giovanni, Rui, Cosimo, Florian, Stefano, Adel, Yanko; #691745, #691731, #690171, #689091, #691976, #691963, #684279, #692052, #692091, #642831, #692454, #692715, #692678, #692723, #692677, #683986, #692693, #692749, #692948, #692995, #692996, #692994, #677215, #692586, #693067, #693031, #693049, #643111, #693161, #693220]

Contributors for this release:

Jeremy Bicha, Giovanni Campagna, Cosimo Cecchi, Tanner Doshier, Stefano Facchini, Adel Gadllah, Yanko Kaneti, Rui Matos, Aleksander Morgado, Florian Müllner, Hashem Nasarat, Jasper St. Pierre, Dan Winship

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  • kostaskaz

    I see quite a few commits related to minimize. I thought it was removed (?), or are those for the cases when someone uses it through right clicking the titlebar or has enabled it via gnome-tweak tool?

    • hells_dark

      I guess so.. I still use it with right clic sometimes..

    • JJ

      The new legacy session has minimise and maximise enabled. I don’t know why, they are doing lot of legacy related work now

    • Michael Heyns

      First thing I do after each install is enable minimize, maximize and close buttons.

    • mike

      I just use GnomeTweak to set Double-Click-Titlebar is to minimize

  • hells_dark

    I still love the new search features =)
    Really well done and very useful !

  • Rowan Lewis

    I wish they’d re-introduce minimise as a button, but with a bit of a tweak; it should be the “hide” button.

    It’s not always important to have all windows visible on a workspace. For example, when playing music you don’t need the entire music player open, once a selection has been made, many people use a minimal window chrome or minimise to system tray feature. Gnome Shell can accommodate this quite well, because of the rich notification area it’s possible to keep some control over the music even when it’s not on the screen at all times.

    However, there’s no way to easily hide the music player, sure you can right click on the window chrome and choose “minimise”, but what does it mean to minimise in the context of the shell? There’s nowhere for the window to go, it’s just hidden from view unless you open activities and placed at the very end of the alt-tab list.

    So they should re brand “minimise” to “hide” and add a new “hide” button to the window chrome. A simple change but a useful one, I think.

    • hells_dark

      I agree with that…
      Where this should be discussed ?

      • Rowan Lewis

        I really don’t have a clue, unfortunately the official Gnome channels are quite unfathomable to me at this point.

      • alex285

        Gnome Shell or Mutter Mailing list,

    • Rowan Lewis

      Well then. As it turns out most of this has already been implemented, with exception to the “hide” button being added to the window chrome (that can be remidied with the tweak tool, for now).

  • jon_downfromthetrees

    “Minimize” is a misnomer in Gnome Shell because when we minimize a window we do no expect it to vanish. We expect it to remain visible as a minimal thumbnail version of itself.

    Of course, OS X has had a “Hide” function for years. That “Hide” function differs from the “Minimize” function in that one hides applications, while one minimizes windows. A minimized OS X window is not visible. A right-click of the app’s icon in the Dock generates a list of all the app’s open windows, minimized or not. When you hide an app, *all* of its open windows vanish. A right click on the icon in the Dock displays a “Show All Windows” entry which, when clicked, shows something much like the Overview’s spread of open apps, allowing a choice of the window that will get the focus.

    In OS X, I use both the Hide and the Minimize function to manage space in one work space, rather than resort to multiple work spaces, which I always seem to forget.

    Gnome’s real innovation in this area is the automatic creation and deletion of work spaces. I use work spaces in Shell because I do not need to create and destroy them. However, the ability to get an app out of the way, regardless of how many windows it has open, is a very useful tool, without or without workspaces.

  • gutigen

    Gnome could use some better looking default icons and shell theme. Atm “out of the box” experience is not visualy pleasant. Something like Elegance Colors or Frieze mixed with Faenza/Faience icons could bring Gnome to next visual level :)