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Gnome Shell 3.6 Preview

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Screecasting is from Ubuntu Gnome Remix 12.10, with Gnome3 Team, Ricotz Testing and Ricotz Staging PPA on.

The biggest changes in Gnome Shell 3.6 :

  • Smoothest and more discreet animations
  • Faster
  • Better implementation of notifications -far from perfect thought
  • Accessibility always on plus many improvements in this area
  • Minor visual changes in theme
  • Replace of App Tab Overview with a nine-dot icon
  • Introduce of Lock Screen and GDM is now a running dependency in GS

People that didn’t like Gnome Shell so far, are probably not going to like this release either, but for the rest 3.6 is a major improvement.

Gnome Shell 3.5.92 Changelog

  • +* Login/UnlockDialog: Don’t reset immediately if auth fails [Giovanni; #682544]
  • +* Allow changing session mode at runtime [Jasper, Giovanni; #683156]
  • +* Add zoom out animation on login [Jasper; #683170]
  • +* Bluetooth: don’t restrict the length of non numeric PINs [Giovanni; #683356]
  • +* Force chat notification to stay open when focusing entry [Debarshi; #682236]
  • +* Make sure the screen is fully locked before suspending [Giovanni; #683448]
  • +* st-texture-cache: Fix a case of distorted textures [Florian; #683483]
  • +* popupSubMenu: Fix padding for non-scrolled submenus [Florian; #683009]
  • +* popupMenu: Fix width changes on submenu open/close [Florian; #683485]
  • +* boxpointer: Avoid malformed boxpointer arrow [Debarshi; #680077]
  • +* Change stage background color to grey [Adel; #683514]
  • +* messageTray: Update style of summary counters [Debarshi; #682891]
  • +* Don’t fail if a legacy tray icon has no WM_CLASS [Giovanni; #683724]
  • +* PolkitAgent: Fix a crash if there is no avatar [Giovanni; #683707]
  • +* Hide the a11y menu in the lock screen, but show it in the login screen [Giovanni; #682542]
  • +* Fix show-apps button dropping off the dash [Florian; #683340]
  • +* Fix committing strings to shell entries from input method [Florian; #658325]
  • +* Make IBus display strings consistent with control-center [Rui; #683124]
  • +* Fix missing short codes for some input sources [Rui; #683613]
  • +* Remove support for long-press from entry context menus [Jasper; #683509]
  • +* screenShield: Add box-shadow to the shield [Florian]
  • +* Don’t show a right-click menu for the hotplug source [Jasper; #683438]
  • +* Fix extension styling [Giovanni; #682128]
  • +* Fix on-screen keyboard not working with system-modal dialogs [Giovanni; #664309]
  • +* Fix insensitive styling for popup menu items [Giovanni; #683988]
  • +* Disable the message tray dwell when the user is interacting [Owen; #683811]
  • +* Animate going from the unlock dialog to the lock screen [Giovanni; #681143]
  • +* Autostart fprintd when necessary [Ray; #683131]
  • +* UnlockDialog: Allow typing before the first PAM question [Giovanni; #681576]
  • +* Make Return key dismiss screenshield [Ray; #683889]
  • +* Fix keyboard navigation in the message tray [Florian; #682243]
  • +* Remove the places & devices search provider [Giovanni; #683506]
  • +* Enable hot corner while the message tray is up [Florian; #682255]
  • +* Port screen recorder to new GStreamer vp8enc API [Adel; #684206]
  • +* Fix fish flickering [Giovanni; #684154]
  • +* Fix extension ordering with !important [Jasper; #684163]
  • +* Allow the shell to run without the screenshield [Giovanni; #683060]
  • +* Add menu items for IBus Anthy’s InputMode, TypingMode [Rui; #682314]
  • +* Improve transition to the login dialog [Jasper; #682428]
  • +* Keep unlock dialog around until shield animation ends [Florian; #684342]
  • +* Expose shell keybindings in System Settings [Florian; #671010]
  • +* Misc. bugfixes and cleanups [Debarshi, Florian, Giovanni, Jasper, Rico, Rui;  #672790, #677434, #683305, #683357, #683369, #683377, #683378, #683400, #683449, #683472, #683482, #683487, #683488, #683526, #683529, #683546, #683583, #683628, #683705, #683982, #683989, #684035, #684036, #684040, #684162, #684214, #684343]

Mutter 3.5.92 Changelog

  • +* screen: Allow NULL out arguments in meta_screen_get_size [Tomeu]
  • +* display: Add API to set wm_name / wm_keybindings [Florian; #671010]
  • +* Improve the not responding dialog [Jon, Florian; #684306]
  • +* Misc. bugfixes [Jasper]

Clutter 1.1.16 Changelog

  • + – Fixes for gesture-based actions
  • + Ensure that the ClutterPanAction::pan-stopped signal is emitted before
  • + the ClutterGestureAction::gesture-begin signal, in case a new gesture
  • + starts; this requires adding a new state to ClutterGestureAction, the
  • + gesture-prepare state.
  • + – Ensure modified Enter keys do not end up in the Text buffer
  • + For single-line ClutterText actors.
  • + – Add touch event support to ClutterClickAction
  • + #683301 – stage: Normalize key focus setting
  • + #683430 – CLUTTER_GESTURE_ACTION_GET_CLASS() calls
  • + G_TYPE_INSTANCE_GET_PRIVATE() instead of
  • + #683431 – PanAction::pan-stopped sometimes is emitted before
  • + ::gesture-begin
  • + #683471 – All gestures get cancelled after missing a button release event
  • + #682161 – ClutterImage overflows beyond its actor’s allocation
  • + #623344 – Search incorrectly handles input
  • + #683869 – test-events does not track touch events
  • + #683870 – test-events only reports up/down scrolls
  • + #683936 – ClickAction doesn’t support touch events
  • + #683937 – Wrong format identifiers in debug messages in
  • + clutter_stage_allocate()


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  • Marcos V.F.

    I respect the opinion of people not like Gnome Shell. But I’m one of the people who did not like and decided to give a chance for the GS. I must say I’m loving it. The management of workspaces is perfect, and my productivity is very high. Stability and speed are perfect (Fedora 17).

    With the evolution of AppMenu for all applications, Gnome Shell will become sublime.

    Respect those who do not like, to make that clear. But Gnome managed to create something really new, nothing like the layout tractional, but, for me at least, quite functional.

    Congratulations Gnome Team!

  • jod

    Looks awesome. Hope it lands in Fedora 17 asap cos I wouldn’t like to have to wait until Fedora 18

    • alex285

      You have to w8 for 18. It won’t come in 17 :(

      • jod

        F18 alpha here I come. Love this website btw

        • alex285

          haha, do you have a second box? Coz Fedora 18 is going to brake your system 100% :)

    • Bill_Toulas

      You would never see Gnome 3.6 in Fedora 17 no matter how long you would wait. This is because it doesn’t agree with Fedora Updates Policy. You can read more here:

    • Philip Witte

      Use Arch Linux ;) Never wait for OS cycles.

  • Philip Witte

    Lookin Good! :D

  • Denis

    As much as i like GS 3.6 i’m really disappointed that the system is impractical using just the keyboard. Let’s say i just rebooted my PC and my mouse doesnt work…well i can’t login since i need a mouse to press on my name in GDM, pressing enter or other key wont work. Anther example, im in GS, right..pressing supper button to bring the overview mode…now what should i press to have the app list?? Let’s say i have two working workspaces, and in each of them i have an app running. If i close the app from the first workspace im automatically redirected two a new workspace instead of the second app. I do like the new Nautilus, but the search is completely broken…it simply doesnt work, i have to go in to the exact folder to search for the file…so whats the use of the search then? Am I only one with this problems or you guys have the same issues. Maybe just because i run GS 3.6 on 12.10??? Anyway, a lot of things have to be done till i can say im really pleased with functionality.

    • alex285

      You can login in GDM with Tab. To open applications overview press Super and then Ctrl+Alt+Tab. You can do everything with keyboard. For workspaces you can use Fixex (not dynamically) with Gnome Tweak Tool.

      Search in nautilus works recursively, but it is buggy still.

      • Denis

        Didn’t know about it. I think this should be more intuitive I could ask the community for help, but a lot of people that will try it on will have no clue that there even a switcher like that exists. Thank you for the tip, Alex

    • Stiph

      This is a long list. For GDM, I never had an issue with enter to login either with jhbuild or with Fedora (and never had the issue with other 3.x versions either), certainly a temporary problem with gnome 3 on Ubuntu, and you are certainly using the ppa, which is used to test/develop. Would be nice to retest with “final” packages once 12.10 is out. The gnome shell cheat-sheel ( might give you some additional shortcuts and tips (like what to do on keyboard in the overview). Once you tried to type in the overview and you know the application name or role, it’s difficult to stop using it :-) Search is also working fine here… Do you have tracker enabled? Normally in the new version, it falls back to normal recursive search if Tracker is not available. Thus… maybe the indexation does not work?

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  • met

    Just wondering what’s the title of first song in the video?

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