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Gnome Shell 3.6 extensions pullulate!

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Among the 21 extensions already available for the Gnome Shell 3.6, you will find popular extensions like the “alternative status menu” that shows Suspend/Hybernate and Power Off as separate items, the “user themes” that allows you to use different shell themes, the “applications menu” that offers a classic Gnome-2 styled menu for your applications, and the “places status indicator” that add a systems status menu for quickly navigating places in the system.

Today we had the release of two more Gnome Shell extensions that will work perfectly with version 3.6. These are the “Hide Dash” and the “Alt-Tab Switcher”!

Hide Dash

This extension simply hides the dash when going in overview mode. I would very much like it if the dash appeared when the mouse hovers over the left side of the screen but it doesn’t. You simply remove the dash with this one.


Hide Dash extension

Alt-Tab Switcher

The alt-tab switcher extension replaces Gnome’s default alt-tab dialog that uses the opened applications icons, with a new dialog that shows miniature windows of the opened applications.

Alt-Tab Switcher extension

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  • Stiph

    There is a typo in the article: you included the same extension link twice. Indeed, extensions pululates, that’s a good sign of the gnome community, but more work is needed to have categories and ensure there are not a thousand duplicates. Today there are multiple duplicates like for including a link to open a terminal at the left or at the right, or adding window effects and this is plain ridiculous. Maybe more emphasis should be put on the rating to promote the best “featured” extensions, like on mozilla/chrome/android/apple addons websites/appstores?

    • Bill_Toulas

      You are absolutely right. Extensions website is a complete mess that needs to be improved a lot. There are indeed many duplicates and there is no kind of any quality control, guidelines or requirements.
      Button fixed, thanks :)

      • goldspy

        Actually there are many guidelines and extensions go under an extensive review that includes checking for duplicates and making sure no one is copying anyone elses work without the authors explicit permision.

        Sometimes there are duplicates that have very minor differences or use code that has performance advantages.

        If you feel there are too many duplicates or that one extension provides no functionality not present in one that is very similar to it, you should open a bug here:

        Or, report it to magcius or gcampax on

        • hellzou

          I agree. I’ve made an extension myself, and it’s not published until someone has tested it. The process is quite good actually.

  • Cliff Wells

    I learned a new word, “pullulate”. Thanks!