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GNOME-Shell 3.12.2 is out!

With every major GNOME Shell release, new bugs appear due to the big changes that come with new features and old unnoticed bugs resurface due to the more active user testing, or changes that now activate problematic parts. It is always important to release bug fixing versions for GNOME’s default Shell and the number of these may extend to three or even four versions.

For the stable 3.12 version we are already on the second bug fix release that brings important corrections on the way the Airplane Mode works, eliminates Shell crashes due to leftovers on the Search Providers and fixes in the Extensions module. Here is the list with the 7 issues fixed in 3.12.2 and the 9 bugs fixed in the previous 3.12.1:


2014-05-14 Florian Müllner

  • Fix turning off airplane mode [Giovanni; #728512]
  • Handle empty VPN keyfiles [Adel; #728681]
  • Fix setting zero-level in osdWindow [Bastien; #727384]
  • Fix removal of multiple workspace thumbnails at once [Florian; #728820]
  • Make airplane mode menu insensitive in lock screen [Giovanni; #729224]
  • Fix keynav for alternatives in AltSwitcher [Florian; #727259]
  • Fix zombie search providers showing up [Jasper; #728597]


2014-05-14 Florian Müllner

  • Fix in-fullscreen state when moving between monitors [Florian; #728395]
  • Fix crash when monitors change during suspend [Giovanni; #725637]
  • Misc. bug fixes [Florian, Giovanni; #728423, #729732]


2014-04-15 Florian Müllner

  • Ensure the currently focused app icon is viewable [Rui; #726759]
  • Improve language in location menu [Zeeshan; #726498]
  • Improve HiDpi support [Cosimo; #726907]
  • Set accessible role for window previews [Alejandro; #726670]
  • Fix bad antialiasing on panel menu buttons [Carlos; #727336]
  • Don’t hide location menu [Zeeshan; #727398]
  • Fix IM candidate window obscuring current text [Rui; #727579]
  • Fix extension-prefs tool when linked with –as-needed [Florian; #727948]
  • Don’t always extend struts to the screen edge [Florian; #663690]


2014-04-15 Florian Müllner

  • Fix opacity values from _NET_WM_WINDOW_OPACITY [Nirbheek; #727874]
  • Misc. cleanups [Jasper; #720631]


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