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Gnome Shell 3.10.1 brings essential fixes

No matter how long and successful a testing cycle may be, there will always be room for things to be discovered when they reach wide use. This is the reason why the developers of Gnome release bug fixing versions that usually don’t exceed 3 in number.

In this context, the first point release for the 3.10 stable branch brings solutions and small fixes to various problems found in core parts like the shell of the desktop environment. Here is the list with the changes that concern Gnome Shell 3.10.1:

  • Make sure lock screen is drawn once before switching user [Giovanni; #708051]
  • Fix signal strength indicators in network selector [Jasper; #708442]
  • Scroll search results when focusing provider icons [Jasper; #708868]
  • Add separate hover/active states to page indicators [Carlos; #708852]
  • Tweak appearance of user name and avatar [Yash; #702309]
  • Hide “Turn On” in network menu when disabled by hardware [Giovanni; #709635]
  • Cancel open keyring prompts when the screen is locked [Florian; #708910]
  • Differentiate “Not Connected” and “Off” in network menu [Giovanni; #709043]
  • Make network settings items point to the right device [Giovanni; #709246]
  • Remove animation of window preview titles [Sebastien; #709392]
  • Add ‘Notifications’ switch to tray menu [Florian; #707073]
  • Make dropdown arrows consistent [Carlos; #709564]
  • power: Use icon from primary device for status [Jasper; #709925]
  • Fix XDND drags to overview [Adel; #708887]
  • Fix workspace switcher disappearing with too many workspaces [Jasper; #694881]
  • Handle search results with ‘special:’ prefix specially [Giovanni; #707055]
  • gdm: Support pre-authenticated logins from oVirt [Vinzenz; #702162]
  • Use ARROW role for labels representing arrows [Alejandro; #710120]
  • Make selected view in app picker persistent [Florian; #710042]
  • Make network selector navigable by keyboard [Alejandro; #710144]
  • Misc bug fixes [Florian, Adel, Jasper, Aleksander, Giovanni, Dan, Michael, Tim; #709034, #709263, #698486, #709286, #709248, #709543, #696564, #703265, #709638, #709866, #709998, #710019, #710104, #710115]


Fedora 21 Rawhide with Gnome Shell 3.10.1. One of the distribution’s most stable moments :)

Unfortunately and due to the mesh with Ubuntu 13.10 Gnome version decisions you are currently using one of 3.8 versions or if you have the Gnome team Next ppa enabled. I suppose that bugfixing releases like this one will hit your updating tools soon, but the chances of this taking a while are not short either…

As for my Fedora 21 Rawhide installation that is currently the system I am using to test-drive the latest stable or upcoming unstable Gnome software, I can say it works nothing like it used to in the past few years. Rawhide used to constantly break, no one seemed to care and pass fixes, updates were happening in an apparent random timeline and you hanging around the forums looking for possible breakage reasons all day long was the standard scenario.

Rawhide now works exceptionally well even in hardly unstable periods, the updates are flowing constantly, the repositories are quite rich and even when something breaks and your system becomes inaccessible, it is sure to be fixed in the following update which is never far from now. If you are crazy enough and want to actually use rawhide daily, I suggest that you take care of your kernel updates and what version you are using (choose a version that suits your hardware) and build them with debug to “off” for better performance.

  Get Gnome 3.10.1

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  • ApostolisA

    so since even Rawhide is kind of stable, I suppose you recommend trying F20, right? :D

    • Bill_Toulas

      No, I never said Rawhide is stable sorry if I was misunderstood :)
      I am just saying that keeping in mind what the situation was for Rawhide in the past, it now works exceptionally well. It now has a lot better and quicker fixing responsiveness

  • Adonis K. (Varemenos)

    In UbuntuGnome with Gnome shell 3.10.1 I’m not able to switch between keyboard layouts because every time I switch from English to Greek (by pressing alt-shift) my num lock turns off and my screen lock turns on instead (Greek to English switches just fine though)…

    • Bill_Toulas

      I can confirm this weird bug on Are you sure you are using 3.10.1? What ppa have you enabled?

      • Adonis K. (Varemenos)

        I’m confused, can you confirm this or not?

        `gnome-shell –version => GNOME Shell 3.10.1`

        I have gnome3-next, gnome3-staging and gnome3-testing but I could reproduce this even when I had only gnome3-next and gnome3-staging

        It could be due to my keyboard (Razer Blackwidow 2013)

    • Žygis

      Can’t this be related to this as well? I know, it’s 3.8 in this case, but it’s somewhat hard to believe these bugs struck Ubuntu Gnome at the same time.

      • Adonis K. (Varemenos)

        I can set the shortcut to whatever I want and it triggers the action for it, the problem is the action triggered doesn’t work properly.

  • Domagoj Bet

    People, why don’t you just use Arch? I’ve been using 3.10 and loving it for a couple of weeks now on Arch! Switched form a Ubuntu/Fedora setup to a Ubuntu/Arch setup because I’m sick of Fedora’s lag behind gnome. Ubuntu 12.04 just sits there as a fallback/stability mode.

    • Dread Knight

      Because last time I wanted to give Arch a try it had a very fugly text based installer. If they get something decent I might give it a try.

      • Greg Barrett

        hehehe come to the dark side.

      • Tim Cummings

        Look, Arch install is very straight forward. The Arch wiki even has two install guides! One for competent users and one for the bare bones basic beginnner. Follow it and all will be well. That ‘fugly text based installer’ is called the command line. Unless of course you used an Archboot disc.

        Alternatively, you to get a Gnome 3 Arch based sytem you could give Antergos a try.

        Antergos is Gnome by default and can be used as a LiveCD and installed either by command line or a graphical, Ubuntu like, installer. It comes with All the repos enabled and PacmanXG, a pacman frontend (GUI) software/updater program. There is known issue with starting Gnome that is being worked on now.

        • Dread Knight

          Thanks, their website looks pretty nice, will look into it.

          • Eduard Gotwig

            hah, found you my friend ;D You’re into GNOME ;D?

            I use Fedora 20… fast and elegant. It offers IMHO the best GNOME 3 expirience, even tough its not the best which can be offered.

            Looking forward to GNOMEOSTree

          • Dread Knight

            Hehe, I noticed you on quite a few linux related websites :D Yeah, been using Gnome most years in my Linux journey.

            Tried Fedora a few times but I’m not very experienced with yum (I think?), lack of PPA annoys me and the installation itself forced me to make yet another partition for no proper reason. Gnome OS sounds pretty neat overall, I’m hoping for less bloat and more vanilla, that’s for sure. There’s a lot of stuff in Ubuntu nowadays that I don’t really need.

      • Domagoj Bet

        I was sceptical in the beginning to. Hell, I’ve been using Linux for only 2 years now. But once you get into it : a) you realise that it’s actually not difficult at all and b) you learn so much that it’s very worth it. It’s just a matter of crossing that initial barrier..

      • Michael Heyns

        I’ve learn’t more about Linux in two years of using Arch than I did in six years of using Debian/Ubuntu. The best part is you start with a barebone Linux and just slap vanilla GNOME onto it without all the dependencies you never use.

  • kparal

    You don’t need to build custom kernels with Fedora Rawhide to disable debug info. Just use nodebug repo:

    • Bill_Toulas

      Yes, that is the link I provided in the article but thanks anyway :)