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Gnome Power Off latest re-design

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And here it is..

Some observations:

  • ‘Lock’ is a better term than ‘Screen Lock’ (since it affects more than just the screen)
  • Suspend is typically activated by closing the lid on a laptop or with a power button on a tablet
  • The power button on desktop machines isn’t always easily accessible
  • Log out and switch user don’t make sense to people on single user systems (what are they logging out of, exactly?)
  • Suspending a system doesn’t typically involve using the user menu:

Laptops – you close the lid
Desktops – leave it to go to sleep
Tablets – press the hard button

Further notes:

There isn’t something to add, Allan is pretty much clear about the new design that is still under progress and not final. What I want to emphasize is what Gnome developer Colin Walters said:

Remember the recommended way to shut down GNOME 3 is to log out, and then shut down from the login screen; the Alt key is more of a hidden easter egg.

That came as answer on Paul Burnham who proposed a solution for keyboard-less devices (ie tablets) :

“Another suggestion would be to determine if a physical keyboard is present, and if not display both “Suspend” AND “Power Off” menu items.”

Yeap you have to Logout before you Shutdown your device because you may have running processes, opened programs etc.

This issue has been solved as you can see on the above image, but I am just emphasize the semantic significance of Logout before Shut Down. Speaking of semantic differences you can also check out the difference between Login and Lock screen.

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  • Liam

    I’d rather see a “change state”, or something else, instead of switch session, log out, lock and power off. Basically, those look quite cluttered in that list view, but displayed horizontally in a window, it would be more palatable.

  • Fam_rudolf

    When playing around with the interface or correct some errors, sometimes logout is even needed by single users. I think the way everyone want is : Logout, Hibernate or similar and Power Off. Why do the devs try every solution as long as it is not, what is suggested (and needed) by the average user?

    • Liam

      The reason is that the solution users want is almost always whatever they are currently using. IOW, if users had their way, no Hai innovation would occur.
      That said, the Gnome designers don’t always seem to know which design is truly the best, nor do they exhaust the possibilities foe an interface.
      Still, I’m glad they are at least trying.

  • Fasd

    “Remember the recommended way to shut down GNOME 3 is to log out,
    and then shut down from the login screen; the Alt key is more of a
    hidden easter egg.”

    WHAT?! Maybe user should fill captcha code and dance in circle for 5 minutes? 

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  • Miguel Chinn

    My god, why is this even a discussion.  Use the “Single User, Multiple User” experience.  Use an icon next to each text entry.  Done.

    • alex285

      This discussion (about power off button) lasts for two years. You can say it’s a design failure or Gnome3 made people to be interested for every little detail.    

  • Tom

    Implementing a “poweroff” option after users have complained for 2 years and the gnome-shell devs had made excuses that it was a “good idea” and now they finally see the light? Hey Gnome-shell Team…. how about now making gnome3+ configurable out of the box instead of forcing users to make 3rd party hack extensions to put back basic functionality into the Desktop like CHANGING THEMES for a start… How about you stop taking away basic functionality that makes a Desktop Environment useful to the average user and maybe more people will use and adopt gnome3? or is that too much to ask? Should users be forced to be knowledgable on configuring the .css file to do basic things like Making the panel transparent, changing the size of icons, customizing the panel and Dash etc… ? Or is it going to take another 2 years of complaints until you finally decide that “taking away” functionality is not a good idea?
    Just a thought………