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GNOME Postpones Software Usage Settings For 3.14

Around a month ago, GNOME Software introduced a way to send some statistics (like apps usage) to the distribution vendors. It seems that this feature will be postponed for GNOME 3.14. This change doesn’t affect users at all. If you don’t know what’s that you can read “GNOME Software Privacy Policy | On / Off“.


“Software Usage” option won’t be available in Settings Privacy panel for GNOME 3.12, and user’s application usage statistics won’t be sent anywhere.


From the bug report #726234, Allan Day:

At some point over the 3.11 cycle, the privacy panel grew an option to control when software usage data is shared with the distributor.

The privacy policy provided is currently insufficient:

* It isn’t translatable.
* It’s displayed in the browser.
* It isn’t clear what data is shared or what the implications are for the user.
* It isn’t clear who is providing the privacy policy.
* To my knowledge, it hasn’t been given the OK by legal.

As such, I think we should remove this option from the settings, and ensure that software usage data aren’t sent anywhere.

Richard Hughes (SoftwareApp Dev) “asked” UI freeze-break from the Release Team, since there are only 13 days left for GNOME 3.12 release.

I’ve pushed a patch to gnome-control-center disabling the software usage entry from the privacy panel. Allan asked me to do this, and other members of the release team were not happy with certain legal issues.

The bug is here:

Sorry to not ask before pushing, but I figured anything to do with legal would get an automatic +1 from the RT. The only thing that is affected is that some screenshots might have to be retaken. Hopefully the software install tracking can be re-enabled in 3.14 once we’ve sorted out the translation, privacy and legal issues.

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