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GNOME Photos 3.9.4 with Flickr & Facebook(?) support!

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GNOME Photos in version 3.9.4 added support for sync photos (and albums?) from Flickr and Facebook. Photos already had support for OwnCloud, but Flickr is a more wide used solution to store your images. Version 3.9.4 is the first release of Photos  for 3.9.x unstable series.This change also affects GOA (GNOME Online Accounts) (#697675)

Pickup Flickr accounts from GNOME Online Accounts and let the user access photos from Flickr. This should use Grilo’s Flickr plugin for the protocol / API implementation.

How it works?

You just need to add your Flickr and Facebook accounts in GOA, and GNOME Photos will do all the rest for you.


Find out what Services GNOME supports @ GNOME Online Accounts Reference Manual

Flickr & FB support will add and a nice feature to directly set a wallpaper from your online images -at least that is the plan, I haven’t seen a patch for it so far.

Flickr implementation (#697675) isn’t yet finished:

Thumbnail is not yet implemented. Grilo doesn’t seem to like asynchronous operations implemented via threads. Needs more investigation.

Facebook support (#701500) came from Álvaro Peña which also works in some really cool imaged-notifications integrated with photos. This is not an official GNOME’s design plan.


Find more @ Alvaro’s blog

GNOME Photos is a image discovery, sharing and organizer application and is highly dependent to Tracker -GNOME’s indexing library.

For further details and upcoming new features

New features first land in Bugzilla

You can easily apply, test and feedback on very early patches with JHBuild and Git-bz tools. Not just in Photos, but in all GNOME Modules. For instance GNOME Shell and GNOME Control Center Links are:

JHBuild and git-bz links


GNOME Photos 3.9.4 –Just Bumped to 3.9.5

Notice the Photos Menu on the top-left of the window. This is the fallback of GNOME Application Menus (GMenus), when running Apps in another (not GNOME Shell) environment. Unknown why it happens here, probably some kind of bug.

GNOME Photos 3.9.4 Changelog

  • Support accessing photos from Flickr (#697675)
  • Support pushing pictures to DLNA renderers (#701775)
  • Support rubber band selection

Bugs fixed:

  • #698086 Avoid bash-specific syntax in photos-generate-about
  • #699899 Use proper ellipses instead of their ASCII equivalents
  • #699900 Disambiguate “Organize”
  • #700061 build: Use to generate .gitignore files
  • #702909 Special markup characters should be escaped when setting the toolbar  title
  • #702910 view-container: Unref mode controller in ::dispose()
  • #703054 Simplify signal handlers tracking
  • #703269 Compilation warnings are not active

Some patches that affects Photos are inside GOA. Facebook is supported in GOA but Photos isn’t using it yet.

GNOME Online Accounts 3.9.4 Changelogs

Flickr is enabled by default

Bugs fixed:

  • #678151 flickr: Add icons
  • #688364 google: Don’t offer a PasswordBased interface
  • #692176 build: Fix include paths
  • #692177 build: Add missing include path
  • #701500 facebook: Add support for photos
  • #702263 smtp-auth-plain: Handle multiline SMTP greetings
  • #702514 icons: Update the Twitter logo

GNOME Online Accounts 3.9.1 Changelogs

  • #695074 build: Fix `make distcheck` by updating the icon cache on uninstall too
  • #695106 Do not send the credentials before notifying the user of an invalid SSL certificate (CVE-2013-1799)
  • #695118 Avoid gtk_dialog_run() in goa_oauth2_provider_add_account()
  • #695355 imap-smtp: Can not do STARTTLS connections
  • #695559 Add translator comment to explain what None refers to
  • #695768 provider: Silence warnings when setting :preseed-data to NULL
  • #695886 Categorize providers by supported features
  • #695888 owncloud: Make sure Uri always ends in a trailing slash
  • #696085 owncloud: Can’t add more than one ownCloud account
  • #698178 Use SoupProxyResolverDefault with GoaEwsClient and GoaHttpClient
  • #698203 Socket times out with gnutls3 and some TLS servers

Flickr authentication was failing, so I couldn’t actually try those patches :/

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  • Khurshid Alam

    That rich photo-notification should be official gnome-design plan.Simply Cool! Its about time for notification to evolve.

    • ApostolisA

      not so sure… it sure looks good but it may be too-fancy to be suitable for every user and every use environment :-)

      • Khurshid Alam

        If gnome can have special chat notification (which also expands when clicked & in-line reply) then it can definitely have a special photo-notification.

  • ApostolisA

    these are really some good news

  • vinholi

    Might be white.

  • Satyajit Sahoo

    Are these new apps written in vala or gjs?

    • alex285

      Photos is on C :/

  • David

    Any chance of a slideshow feature?