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Gnome Package Manager 353

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Of course is too early and there is a whole month up front till Gnome UI freeze, so new features may arrive, and my guess is they will. Anyway so far in 353:

[1] Searching for Epiphany which I had already installed it

[2] By removing package you get a notice to abandon the changes

[3] You can see the required packages or the dependencies if any, and that’s useful

[4] You can also see all the files that are installed by the App

[5] There is also a log viewer that is supposed to show us records with our actions, and hopefully will enable a roll back function; but it wasn’t working. And there is of course the application menu with some nice options.

[6] And this is the worst bug ever in the history of search semantics worldwide!

You simply cannot search using two words. I put Epiphany + Gnome and search displays all Apps/Software that have the word Gnome or Epiphany on them. That’s like 200 packages. This is the stupidest search ever and makes the whole Gnome package manager useless. And this isn’t something that just affects Fedora 18 and Gnome 360 alpha versions. It is also appeared in Fedora 15, Fedora 16, Fedora 17.. and why not Fedora 18? …Pfff

As a work around you can use Yum’s search with grep’s help from terminal.. So until they fix it, Gnome’s Package Manager is totally trash :(

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  • Alaa Hossam

    number [6] I really hope they fix that ASAP ! :D

  • andreasn1

    What’s the bug number for that bug?

    • Alexis Diavatis

      It is a usability bug, I haven’t searched for it. But if you try bugzilla I guess you ll find it somewhere there

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  • Dag Odenhall

    Actually with yum you can search without being root, and you can search for multiple keywords without resorting to grep, simply: yum search epiphany gnome

    • alex285

      true :)