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GNOME News | Week 15

GNOME Weeks counts according to GNOME schedule and Monday was the 15th week for GNOME 3.14. That means we are a little bit ahead (58%) of the half of development towards to 3.14 final release. I’ll try to cover the most important for users things every week, but I’ll probably miss a lot, either intentionally or unintentionally. ~50 GNOME active modules is lot to review :)


For this week I’ll start with the upcoming; Things that haven’t landed yet in GNOME but are expected to. All of them are in G+, so I just quick reprint here as well.

First we have the Swarm Animations that are coming to a final shape. Some changes are likely to happen but nothing huge. You can watch them in Normal Speed, or/and in Slow Motion. These animations haven’t been completely reviewed from the whole Design Team, but my personal speculation is that the patches are going to merged in GNOME 3.14.

Speaking of animations, we also have some fresh ones from Giovanni Campagna (#732857) that affect Windows Max/UnMax/Close/Open.  Currently this is a rip off from Elementary’s Gala animations used as prototyping in order to evolve them further.

The proper way to have these animations would be to run them client side, but that’s currently impossible in X11 and not implemented properly for Wayland, so we might don’t see them on GNOME 3.14. I mostly refer this since many people want to see some Windows animations and GNOMers haven’t forgotten that!

Finally we have some new very promising mockups regarding the new notification designs scheduled for GNOME 3.14, with the introducing of a notification bell on the top right side of Shell. 

[caption id="attachment_27124" align="aligncenter" width="640"]message-tray-top-right Yet another Mockup![/caption]

Lots of mockups, lots of ideas, lots of thoughts but final decisions will be made probably in GUADEC. For now you can watch all the mockups at:


GTK+ will be again (like 3.12) the most improved module in 3.14 cycle. Comparing GTK+ 3.12 & 3.14 versus GTK+ 3.8 & 3.10 there is around a ~40% increase in commits, excluding  the Adwaita Themes changes (including Inspector commits) that are now part of LibGTK.

[caption id="attachment_27126" align="aligncenter" width="640"]adwaita-factory-dark Widget Factory as it looks today[/caption]

This week GTK+ received improvements in Gestures, Theme, Inspector and some bug fixes in other visuals.


Terminal (& VTE) is a module that has received major re-factoring in lots of areas. This week however developing was smooth with just some visual changes in the profile.

[caption id="attachment_27128" align="aligncenter" width="640"]terminal-profile Terminal brings visual changes in settings[/caption]

Transparency is still not available, but Fedora 21 might apply some downstream patches for it, similar to Fedora 20 with GNOME 3.12.


GNOME Games are constantly closing bugs and get various improvements, with the exception of Aisleriot. So if you do play GNOME games, you will love what GNOME guys have done on them in 3.14 cycle.

[caption id="attachment_27132" align="aligncenter" width="640"]mines Mines board is now fixed[/caption]

For example Mines board is now fixed. By the way I never lose in Mines, I just wanted to show the Bombs icons :)


That isn’t exactly a GNOME module, but GIMP this week received hundreds of patches regarding the port in GTK+ 3 and more specifically in GTK+ 3.4.

[caption id="attachment_27133" align="aligncenter" width="640"]gimp-299 Latest GIMP 3 build running against latest GTK+[/caption]


GNOME Shell (including Mutter) this week mostly received gestures improvements. In quick

A. windowManager: Switch the focused application on 3-finger hold + tap

The gesture action only cycles through the applications in the current workspace.
B. windowManager: Switch workspaces on 4-finger drag

The workspace to switch is obtained from the direction received by the WorkspaceSwitchAction gesture.

I’ll try to make a review in Shell Gestures when I got it installed in my laptop.

There Is More!

Obviously more things happened this week, like Gedit’s some components re-factoring that took place just the last few hours, or the recent changes in GNOME Software.

Anyway, those were my picks for this week, and this week is probably the less active one I ever watched in GNOME 3.14 development so far!

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