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Gnome New Keyboard Shortcuts Designs

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Separate system level shortcuts and application level shortcuts. Right now we ‘steal’ some key modifier keys form applications


Behavior/Action Existing Proposed Notes Status
Enter overview Super, Alt+F1 Super, Alt+F1 OK
Window modifier Alt Super We should not steal alt for system, very commonly used. ?
Access Application Menu Super+F10 ?
Switch focus in overview Ctrl+Alt+Tab Tab To do
Toggle maximized/windowed Alt+F10 Super+Up / Super+Down OK
Toggle tiled left Super+Left Super+Left OK
Toggle tiled right Super+Right Super+Right OK
Switch to next workspace Ctrl+Alt+Down Ctrl+Super+Down To do
Switch to previous workspace Ctrl+Alt+Up Ctrl+Super+Up To do
Move Window to next workspace Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Down Ctrl+Shift+Super+Down To do
Move Window to previous workspace Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Up Ctrl+Shift+Super+Up To do
Switch to next application Alt+Tab Super+Tab Maybe the familiarity is too strong on this one To do
Switch to previous application Alt+Shift+Tab Super+Shift+Tab To do
Switch to next window of the current application Alt+<key above tab> Super+<key above tab> To do
Switch to previous window of the current application Alt+Shift+<key above tab> Super+Shift+<key above tab> To do
Switch input (IBUS) Ctrl+Space Problems with Ctrl+Space ?
Toggle Message Tray Super+M To do
Expand a notification and give it keyboard focus To do
Take a screenshot Print OK
Take a screenshot of a window Alt+Print OK
Take a screenshot of a region Shift+Print OK
Take a screenshot and paste in a clipboard Ctrl+Print OK
Take a screenshot of a window and paste in a clipboard Ctrl+Alt+Print OK
Take a screenshot of a region and paste in a clipboard Ctrl+Shift+Print OK
Video capture desktop ?
Hush Mode (set busy) ?
Log Out ?
Lock screen ?
Run Console Alt+F2 OK


Behavior/Action Existing Proposed Notes
Close Active Window Alt+F4, Ctrl+W Super+W
Quit Application Ctrl+Q Super+Q
Gear Menu F10

This is not ready yet and is unlikely to arrive for Gnome 3.6 as Allan Day told us.

Some Info

Most of, you already know this. Just for the guys that are confused. Every Key has 3 states.

On Key Press: Do something when we press a key.

On Key Release: Do something when we release a key.

On Key Pressed: Do something while the key is been pressed.

For example Gnome Shell Overview opens with:

On “Super” Release or with On “Alt” pressed and On “F1” press.


If you think that the above table has some constraints you can give some feedback at Gnome Shell.

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Keep in mind that these designs can change everyday. This is how is at the moment. Always check the Gnome Live for the latest updates!

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  • Anonymous

    Why remove the print screen hotkey? Will I need to fire up gimp to take a screenshot? D:

    • alex285

      I don’t know :) But these are just designs. I doubt they will remove Print Screen!

      • Pierre-Yves Luyten

        Doesn’t “existing = Print + status=OK” mean shortcut remaining the same ?

        • alex285

          Oops yes your right! My bad!

  • Anon

    I’ve been saying this for years: window management should use the super key. I like the way Gnome is moving in this regard, it just makes sense.

  • JJ

    I never knew the ctrl+W and ctrl+Q short cuts. I use the maximus extension and it was difficult to close just the current window. I thought only alt+F4 did the trick and in my lappy I also had to press the ‘Fn’ key in addition to F1-F12 keys, making it all the more difficult. The app menu quit the application not just the window.

    This is a time saver!

  • Tivoni

    Question to alex diavatis : those of us who are running the standard ubuntu distro but use gnome-shell are not able to use the new keyboard shortcuts you mentioned above. This is after upgrading to 13.10 which pulls in gnome 3.8.

    I want to switch to this new set of keyboard shortcuts, but I cannot find out how (well, other than re-installing my system with ubuntu-gnome. Do you have any advice how to get it done?