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GNOME Music, in development

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In a recent article on Geeky Ogre, Seif Lotfy comments that the development of GNOME Music is on its way and coming along nicely. As a curious fact, the time Seif Lotfy has spent implementing this first version has been sponsored (aka ‘paid’) by Next Tuesday. It’s really good to see how some companies spend their money on promoting free software, specially if it’s related to GNOME.

Here are some screenshots that show an interface very clean and somehow tablets/mobile friendly:


m2  Screenshot-from-2013-03-22-140927 Screenshot-from-2013-03-22-141013

What about Rhythmbox?

Rhythmbox has been considered the default GNOME music application for many years now. Allan Day (GNOME UX Designer with a background in sociology, currently working for Red Hat) mentioned on the article comments that in the case GNOME Music matures, they’d like it to become a default GNOME core app.

They spoke to the Rhythmbox developers in order to transform the application into this, but it seems that they finally decided to create  new music app from the scratch (this kind of reminds me some Ubuntu/Mir thing…, though it’s not the same level).

  GNOME Music

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  • Arash M

    I think they made a good decision about Rhythmbox. Changing an application so deeply would hurt it’s current fans. This should had happen to other applications like nautilus too.

    • 7svito

      I can only imagine Gnome folks laughing of Unity, how it’s drowning without proper Gnome parts, making HUD & Global Menu useless.
      The interesting part is what will happen with GIMP, Inkscape and Blender. These apps will never change to Gnome 3 style, cause there is currently no new style for rich-featured applications.

      • 7svito

        I am sorry, there is nothing funny. Rather I feel sad that Ubuntu crowd do not taken decision switch to Nemo.

        • billtoulas

          What is the crowd you are speaking for, that is in a position to take decisions for Ubuntu?

          • 7svito

            Perhaps such decisions are made by in particular by it’s leader Shuttleworth.

            I am very bad at English and sometimes, because I forget to open some Google service extra time, I make very stupid mistakes.
            And I will try to not post comments about what I do not know for sure or has random nature.

          • billtoulas

            That was exactly the point I wanted to make. Decisions in Ubuntu are not made by crowds, but instead by small teams of people or even one person. This is very important to keep in mind when talking about Ubuntu and its development.

      • sramkrishna

        None of us are laughing at all. We’re hardly paying much attention other than being focused on our various parts. Besides, it’s improper to laugh at other projects.

    • Pau Iranzo

      Good point of view, Arash :)

    • Remjg

      There was a continuity in Nautilus development. The layout evolved, not completely changed, this is really a different case.

  • Brandon Watkins

    I’ve been really looking forward to this, looks very nice and clean.

    • hells_dark

      I really think I’m gonna use gnome apps… music, documents, etc.
      What is funny is that I would never have bet on it ^^
      But I really like where the Gnome team is going.

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  • sonicyoof

    Looks like a great idea for people who have, at most, about 50 albums.

    • sramkrishna

      I have a very different idea on what I want for music that is less visual. I’m afraid I’m never goign to be in a position to write such an application.

    • Remjg

      Exactly what I thought. Perfect for people with few albums or with a little knowledge about computers. Most of family will love it, but I’ll have to find something else to meet my needs.

      Unfortunately, the only music player that I like is Clementine which is not a GTK app…

      • Rowan Lewis

        I’ve been hankering for something like this for years, and I’ve actually contributed to this code. “For people with little knowledge about computers” what a load of utter crap. There are literally dozens of music players for Gtk/Gnome that are non-visual lists of artists and albums, and when someone decides to create one that isn’t you have to come moan about it.

        • Remjg

          I meant no offense about the work that is being done and I find that it’s a fantastic project for the GNOME desktop.

          What I wanted to say is that the majority of users will love it because of its simple and efficient design. Furthermore, people not used to computer like my mother will be able to use it easily which is great.

          My remark was about the fact that if you need to manage a big collection like the one I have, you need another application and that’s only a personal point of view. I hope I made myself clearer, keep on the good work!

  • Helder Pereira

    Not exactly my cup of tea. Good thing they still keep Rhythmbox, I’m too used to it by now to change.

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  • Matthew Javelet

    Good news! I am not a fan of Rhythmbox in the slightest so this is definitely worth exploring.

  • Marcos V.F.

    Wow! Beautiful interface and design! Congratulations Gnome: it’s pure gold! Gnome become better and better everyday…, now my criticism is only for the menus hell.

  • ScionicSpectre

    I can’t wait for Music, Photos, and Videos to land with their respective user experiences. When I’m not working or web browsing, I’m usually listening to music or watching videos on the side. If YouTube and Vimeo are included with local videos, that will become an incredibly useful application to me. I hate file browsing my videos when I know a much better experience could be used. Also, Rhythmbox is okay, but it’s so dated- with Music, we’ll have a decent GTK 3 jukebox.

    And really, once those are there, I think people will pick up the development of third party applications much more. After all, you can’t much expect third party developers to find your design compelling if you don’t use it.

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  • Benjamin B

    That design is going to break as soon as you put in 10,000 tracks. But I’m sure they find a fix for that, namely the Rhythmbox/iTunes UI layout :D