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GNOME Mines 3.13.1 | Lets Play!

My first experience with Mines games came through a Mines-like riddle in an adventure game (years ago!), that took me a couple of days to solve. Nope, I never watched a walk-through (what a lie)! Since then I’ve played mines a million times and I was very good at it!

Every GNOME Mines game before 3.14 was awful, but GNOME Mines 3.14 is surprisingly awesome, one of the best (if not the best) mines game I’ve ever played! The gameplay “feeling” with the smooth fade-ins, and the effects on click/hover, is almost perfect and everything looks right!

[caption id="attachment_25983" align="aligncenter" width="640"]mines-3131 Easy![/caption]

There is a nasty bug that prevents you to play fast enough (that’s why my bad time!), but I guess that will be fixed prior to stable release. Something annoying is that the default boards are super easy, while “New Game” option should belong on the Mines window (Header Menu), rather on Application Menu.



Congratulations to the guys that did the work on Mines 3.14. After all, is a game more popular than games like Diablo 3. Which is average anyway :)

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