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Gnome is the most active OS project inside 550k others!

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Of course there are many factors that you have to take into account, like the number of sub-projects that Gnome is consist of. However from the 137 repositories that Ohloh counts, only gstreamer doesn’t lie in Gnome Git. But anyway is a propaganda day :)

Arch Linux Packages in third position. Maybe Ubuntu has 1000 times more users than Arch, but the community of this distro is from another universe! ..popularity doesn’t say always the truth ..nor statistics of course!

There are lies, damned lies and statistics, but the truth is that Gnome –and therefore Gnome 3– is the largest community based desktop project, or software foundation if you prefer. And the huge advantage in Gnome is that they keep and maintain exclusively their infrastructure and software stack. They are totally independent from any third party decisions.

Ok things could be better, but that doesn’t mean they are bad.. are they? :)

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  • Arturo

    Excellent =D

  • sbx

    Numbers don’t really count for much. They could be small commits, large commits, useless commits, important commits, the list goes on. But if it makes people happy to be the top on a popularity contest instead of things that matter — like how the project relates to the community at large — more power to’em. Gnome and Arch have both pushed away part of the fanbase that got them where they are today.

    • alex285

      > Gnome and Arch have both pushed away part of the fanbase that got them where they are today.
      On the other hand there isn’t a single person from my friends and the friends of my friends that have seen Gnome3 and they didn’t say WoW. That never happened in Gnome 2.

      • Egon Ruuda

        Like in “Wow this is awful”, “wow is this even usable” or what do you mean? “Wow” is a word that can be used both ways y’know.

        • Aventinus the Zethos

          Well, “wow this is awesome” is what I heard.

  • allan gay
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  • Sriram Ramkrishna


  • MrMagoo

    MY guess is that Gnome is much more broken than the other projects, and has to have more hacked commits just to keep it afloat.