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Gnome is again, reaching for women!

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From today till the 3rd of December, you can check the organizations that participate to the program, what projects they offer/suggest and choose what fits your interests best. You will also need to make a small contribution to the project of your choice. It’s ok if you’re not a master in programming and coding. You will also find projects that need translations, manual editing, fixing little things and even artistic touches or creations and website designing.

These are the participating organizations:

  • Deltacloud provides a single API for managing resources in different cloud providers. Programming in Ruby and web development projects are available.
  • Fedora is a GNU/Linux-based operating system with a commitment to open collaboration and software freedom. Projects include work the on the operating system installer, design collateral for the project, and the project infrastructure. Coding, user experience design, graphic design, front-end and back-end web development, and usability testing projects are available.
  • GNOME is a GNU/Linux-based innovative desktop that is design-driven and easy to use. Projects include work on the general desktop features and on popular applications. Coding, user experience design, graphic design, web development, documentation, and marketing projects are available.
  • JBoss creates a Java-based application server, and applications for data management, identity, messaging, rules and more. Software coding and testing projects are available.
  • Mozilla creates software that promotes the goals of the Open Web. The available project is for creating a metrics dashboard that tracks the rapid release process.
  • OpenStack is an integrated collection of software for cloud deployment and management. Projects include ones to automate tests, write a mobile application for tablets for using at events, and improve user groups engagement.
  • Tor is an anonymizing proxy network that promotes privacy and circumvents censorship on the Internet by routing your traffic through multiple intermediaries. To make it work we’ve built an ecosystem of projects (UIs, libraries, utilities, etc) around the core tor application. Projects include improving various applications, implementing new features, and improving website and video documentation.
  • Wikimedia is a global movement whose mission is to bring free educational content to the world. Help improving the technical tools and infrastructure behind Wikipedia, as well as mobile offerings, user experience, internationalization and documentation.

Interested? Learn more about the program in this Gnome Live webpage, and start seeking your next open source adventure!

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