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Gnome in FOSDEM 2013

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A Gnome stand where you’ll find DavidKing, EkaterinaGerasimova, EmilyGonyer, TobiasMueller, PascalTerjan and AndreasNilsson, will be available for answering any questions, demonstrate cool Gnome stuff and promote this year’s security campaign with t-shirts and posters!

tshirtFOSDEM 2013 t-shirt with a Gnome-shield badge


Although the main activities will start in February 2, a beer event will prepare the ground at Friday, 1 February.

The schedule of this year’s FOSDEM is of course already available and it includes many keynotes, series of talks, Distribution miniconf, devrooms, lighting talks and even certification exams!


keynotes_welcome-c743944bdab7dce4a5b7d4696bd7264a8139bd4034a74033223fc9babf1c2d57FOSDEM welcome and opening talk.

Welcome to FOSDEM 2013!

27b95e1dddf9a08396cd6849ee815b4853dccc92ab6d2da1e76c9bd36e51ff73Kohsuke Kawaguchi who is the creator of the Jenkins open source integration server is going to talk about the Jenkins community. In this talk, Koshuke will discuss how the Jenkins project and the community work, what the ingredients are, why they help you attract more developers into your projects, and why it matters.

e7a4f6425fa0d8e889ec13cce4bce006628568dc98000e9a5845c7423ba7db6bAmelia Andersdotter who is a Member of the European Parliament, will talk about the political and legal roadblocks on the path to free software adoption, and analyse what can we expect from the future, and how do we deal with the present.

0c338118d2f3306dedbe885d34a0f7e3e3494b4fd0396fcfa00765a6423e3636Leslie Hawthorn who is an internationally known community manager, speaker and author, will explore the nuances of public and private discourse in FOSS projects, using real world examples from her experience interacting with more than 200 communities over the past six years.

keynotes_welcome-c743944bdab7dce4a5b7d4696bd7264a8139bd4034a74033223fc9babf1c2d57Some closing words, and the legendary FOSDEM dance.

Don’t miss it!

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