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This is how Getting Started works inside Yelp. By the way I noticed that Getting Started documents don’t work in Fedora 18 (yelp 3.6.2) as intended. For example there isn’t pop-up for videos. However by installing Yelp with JHBuild everything works fine -even if there aren’t any changes between 3.6.2 and Git Versions. Anyway I didn’t dig at all into this.


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As you can see documentation is still far from completed, but Jimmac updated the videos (some slightly rendering changes), and all I want to say is that this part of Gnome is active. So far, Getting Started documentation (the info that are done) is very clear, it looks like a web-page, and new users won’t get any issue to get started with Gnome as long as they read docs  ..which is an issue because is unclear if distros (other than Fedora – Ubuntu won’t) will support Initial Setup, that launches Getting Started.

Anyway the documentation will be still there to use afterwards. On some mockups there were two pages for users that migrate from Windows and Mac to Gnome. But they don’t exist here, I would be curious to read on them :)

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