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GNOME gets a fancy cloud video viewer!

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Gnome-videos (I made that name) is just a simple replacement for your videos directory that follows the next generation architecture of GNOME apps. And simple is always the best way :)

What makes it great, apart from its fancy look, is that it can be synchronized with youTube, Google, Vimeo, and you can watch (or upload) your videos locally. While some people (including me) prefer to use their web-browsers for accessing web-data, the desktop cloud approach is always exciting and promising. What if your desktop is your web-browser?



  • View local and online/cloud videos collections
  • A player for DLNA media servers
  • See new videos shared by friends
  • View full screen viewing
  • Share videos (email, IM, ?)
  • Upload videos
  • Show video properties
  • Control:

Aspect ratio
Display subtitles
Alternate audio tracks
(maybe) Change angles/camera


Act as a DLNA media server


Not an editor
Not a management tool

Enjoy :)

[caption id="attachment_417" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="You can search for videos, locally and online!"]You can browse you local and your online videos


[caption id="attachment_418" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Of course you can also watch your videos :)"][/caption]

This is scheduled for 3.6 release coming this September, 26.


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  • Adam Tauno Williams

    Why is “Act as a DLNA media server” secondary?  We desperately a working / maintained media server. Client applications exist (Banshee) and devices exist (anything Android) but not a decent media server.

    • alex285

      Agree with you, but I guess they will do it only if they have time as it is secondary priority. Many things they announce are postponed for next releases as they lack sources. 

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  • Roberto Riggio

    I’m wondering if this will be able to browse the videos on my NAS (using the samba share).