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Mines is a minesweeper clone that follows the same rules and principals found in the famous and present to almost every platform game.  In addition, the player has the ability to ask for a hint, but with a 10 seconds penalty. Watch your steps in this numerical tactics strategy game, and stay alive till the end!






There can’t be a really complete set of games without the inclusion of a chess game. glChess is the chess part of the GNOME Games package, offering both 2D and 3D game. glChess will also detect and auto-add any installed chess engines found in your system.






Another very amusing member of the GNOME Games package is the Sudoku generator and solver. You can choose from various difficulties, save or print your game and even use hint to see if you were correct so far. You can work with notes, pencilmarks and colors. In general GNOME’s Sudoku is very simple and easy to use without being poor on features.






Nibbles is a snake-like game where you control a little snake and try to eat various pieces of food and jewerly in order to grow longer. If you hit any part of your body with your face you loose. Nibbles offers AI opponents as well as a four-players multiplayer for human vs human action!






Robots is a turn-based strategy game where you have to avoid some killer-robots. With every step you make the robots are coming closer to you, but you can either avoid them using your teleportation device, or destroy them by leading them towards each other.





Five or More

Five or More is the GNOME port of the once popular Windows game called Color Lines. The game’s objective is to align as often as possible five or more objects of the same color and shape causing them to disappear. Play as long as possible, and be #1 in the High Scores.





Four in a row

This is a well-known game that is very easy to learn, but quite hard to master. Play against the AI, or a human opponent using the network multiplayer. Be the first to build a line of four and you win!






Swell Foop

Swell Foop – former Same GNOME, is a puzzle game where you have to remove all marbles with the fewest moves possible. The player must think ahead and visualize what his next move is going to cause.







Quadrapassel is GNOME’s Tetris. The goal of the game is to make lines and destroy the blocks winning more and more points. You will find all seven classic shaped different blocks, rotate ability etc. This is basically Tetris, so you know what this is about.






Tali is a sort of poker with dice and less money. You roll five dice three times and try to create the best hand. Your two rerolls may include any or all of your dice. Tali also supports playing Kismet. I find Tali to be the most addicting and high score chasing of all GNOME Games.






Iagno is a Reversi / Othello clone. The game is one vs one and to win you have to end up having the most chips of your color on the 8×8 game table. You can play vs the AI choosing one of the three available difficulties, or challenge a human through the GGZ network.






Tetravex is a puzzle game where you have to put the pieces in the correct place, according to the number they have on their sides. Depending on the size of the board, Tetravex may blow your mind with the level of visualization it requires.







Another great puzzle game included in the GNOME Games package is Klotski. This is a sliding block puzzle. The objective is to move the patterned block to the area bordered by green markers. This game will make your mind really work, as it is neither easy, nor boring.





All these games are part of the GNOME Desktop Environment and you will probably find them in your distribution by default, but if you don’t, you can always search your distribution’s software center for “GNOME games” or visit this ftp server to download and compile GNOME Games from source.

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